Assignment #2: GIF IT

Lay it on me! On the first say of CT 101 I was ready to hear about all the reading, papers, exams. Just going over the syllabus like all my other classes. I was ready to sit in class and feel overwhelmed.

I have never taken a class like CT 101 before. I was excited and happy to hear how valuable our ability to express ourselves and portray our thoughts using media is in this course. It really got my creative juices flowing.

So you’re telling me I don’t have to stretch myself thin? I was shocked that as students we are allowed to grow and better ourselves in this environment.  All of my other classes have late penalty’s and  take off points for every little thing. There are no resubmissions or making up any work.

One of my professors took off points for using the wrong copy and paste method on my excel worksheet for my homework.

I really appreciate that this class is go with the flow. We take it one week at a time. Which really allows me to go with the grove of things. I’m not worried about all the course material at once. This class has the potential to bring out the more creative side of me. Which as a student in the public school system seems to be washed away.

*Also I found GIPHY more user friendly. I had trouble saving gifs from Imgur to my desktop.

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  1. Hey Erica! I completely agree with you. I wrote on my own post as well; this class is like a breath of fresh air for us. It’s amazing how the Professor comforts us by saying do not worry about deadlines. As you mentioned, other Professors are really strict on due dates. But it doesn’t mean we will be taking advantage of the less strict policies in this class and not do assignments at all! No offense to anyone but I really hope no one is overwhelmed with all the assignments at the end of the semester. It is actually better to complete them on a weekly basis.

    1. Well said! The assignments are best done on a weekly basis – if students wait to try and complete 5-8 assignments all at once they all usually look and flow the same, we want to grow each week and visually show that ;))

        1. Yes of course, how else can we learn and make improvements with out a platform to do so, I find it very sad that the latter still goes on here in academia, there are so many outdated methods and teachers… lol

  2. Great work on this! Much more to come!
    And, life is full of contrasts, it takes a bad class experience or 5 to know what the opposite experience might look like, sooo CT101 is the contrast! 🙂

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, who is the character who is in all of your gifs, and what series are they from?

  4. Well I agree with the Gifs and how it helps be who we are. It is my first time making a meme and don’t have a favorite meme. So I look forward making funny memes if I found what I am looking for.

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