Assignment #2- Gifs and Communication


Losing It Stressed Out GIF by PiM Arts High School
Losing It Stressed Out GIF by PiM Arts High School

I was apprehensive about enrolling in this course since I had no idea what to anticipate. Most college electives are more difficult than they should be. Electives are intended to be enjoyable and simple to assist in balancing your heavy burden from your chosen major courses or general education requirements. I was extremely hesitant to enroll in this course. 



stressed mickey mouse GIF
stressed mickey mouse GIF


I was overwhelmed and stressed out on the first day of CT 101 class, and I wanted to quit. I considered dropping this course because I was concerned that I would not grasp the assignments because I am not familiar with digital media. I never imagined I’d be able to create my own website or gifs. But I vowed not to give up and that I can learn to be more technologically aware. Even though the workload outlined by the lecturer appears to be simple, I had the impression that I would struggle to complete the task. 


Computer Minions GIF
Computer Minions GIF

CT 101 differs from other courses in a variety of ways. In CT 101, we don’t have examinations as we do in previous courses I’ve taken. It is also distinct from other courses in that we post our work to CUNY Academic Commons. It is also distinct in that we utilize gifs as a method of communication, expressing our feelings and relating to one another. This course is unique in that none of my other programs involve digital storytelling, website development, or digital content creation. 


Create Digital Art GIF by Phazed
This image displays creative content.

I like how this program encourages you to think outside the box and be more creative. I like how we don’t have a label or a time restriction to finish the tasks. This class has fewer limitations, allowing individuals to be themselves while encouraging creativity. This course is not rigid and encourages students to express themselves in a current digital manner. This is no constructive way to finish the blog post; there are no word limitations; we only need to follow simple and straightforward directions to perform well in this course. 

Digital Media Marketing GIF by Giflytics
when this class is over I’ll be a certified content king.


I believe that continuing to enroll in this course was a wise move on my part because it is everything an elective course should be. I’m no longer anxious or overwhelmed since I know I can complete all of the assignments while maintaining creative control. Mastering a computer language, retouching photographs, or developing sophisticated animation are some of the benefits of taking this course. I’m delighted to know that at the conclusion of the course, I’ll be educated and skilled in digital media, which I’ll be able to apply to various platforms and projects. 


Internet Downloading GIF by Julian Glander
Internet Downloading GIF by Julian Glander


Animated GIF
Akeelah was nervous during the spelling Bee completion, she didn’t believe herself. That’s how I felt on the first day of CT 101. Scene from the movie “Akeelah and the Bee.” Gif by Kiara Gapour (me)


Animated GIF
Akeelah got over being stage fright and won the competition. Like Akeelah, I now feel like I can pass this course with a promising grade. Scene from the movie “Akeelah and the Bee.” Gif by Kiara Gapour (me)


Hyperlinks of more animated gifs that demonstrations my emotions towards CT 101:



9 thoughts on “Assignment #2- Gifs and Communication”

  1. Great work on this! A great series of GIFS to express yourself and the verbiage added to narrate!
    You are going to easily continue to produce great work in our class! Ill bet that you overcame the fears that you had on the first day of this class as of now? Im a big advocate of using visual storytelling as a means of self expression. This post is very relatable. honest and creative! Great work!
    At the bottom of the post there are a few hyperlinks, was that the intention or are they also supposed to be GIFs that are animating?

  2. I enjoyed reading your take on the class so far. It was good that you mention electives having to be “easy” which I didn’t really think about before. Really cool gifs, especially the last two they were really well thought out.

  3. I liked this blog a lot and realized we have the same thing in common when it came to being stressed out from the first day of class. I unfortunately missed out on the first day of class which made me stress out even more. I also enjoyed the Gif’s you used because they are very creative and unique.

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