Right, on the first day of CT 101 I thought poor me and my fellow classmates will be sitting in front of our computers and hear Professor Ryan reading out from his “6 page long course syllabus”. Thankfully, he did not provide us with the long listed to-d0 things already for the entire semester! I was surprised there. 

Our Professor’s happy face says it all. This is a class for learning amazing things. On the very first day I knew I am going to enjoy this class. I didn’t show it like the character on the GIF above is showing, but that’s how I was feeling. I get to learn these cool stuffs! This class is different from the courses I have taken so far. I think the main reason is how Professor Ryan gives out all positive vibes and energies about the entire course. It’s very comforting that he assures us it is going to teach us so many things in fun ways. It is a break from the other classes overwhelmed with long syllabuses and researches. 

The first week of a semester is always overwhelming because we need to get to know our professors, what the courses offer, what we must do to successfully pass the courses, etc.  It takes a week or two to feel settled in the classes. On the very first day, we breathed a fresh air because he is a happy professor to teach us happy & fun things. 

Do you by any chance have any doubts that by the end of the semester we’ll  learn several creative contents from CT 101? Do not doubt it. See, now we know how to make GIF’s! (I cannot stop). Each content will take us a step closer to the eagerness to learn more.

I hope at the end of the semester we all pass with good grades! I look forward to be properly skilled and knowledgeable at each content that Professor Ryan will teach us throughout the semester. I want to be able to apply these skills in our next classes. 

As the COO of Giphy Adam Leibsohn said, “The easiest, simplest thing wins“, I found Giphy easier to create my own GIFs. Even though there isn’t much difference between Giphy and Imjur, I automatically felt more comfortable using Giphy because it’s more familiar to us. I really had fun making the GIFs on Giphy. So I made all these by myself, instead of taking any from Giphy or Imjur.

It was interesting learning some facts about how GIF’s became everyone’s favorite starting from the 1990s. It made me recall when was the first time I used a GIF? I couldn’t exactly recall (been only a few years that’s for sure) but I remember having fun with my friends sending GIF’s instead of texts sometimes.


  1. That’s exactly how I felt about the first day of class! I also hope we all pass with good grades. This class is also very personal and it’s fun reading everyone’s post and see their personality. I would like to come out of the class with some new friends! ;0

    1. You will do very well! Im sure of it!
      Im excited to know that you are reading the posts of your classmates, there is so much to learn from each other! Yes, making new friends and learning together is the best!

  2. Great work on this! Love the GIFS and the creative formatting of the post, colorful!
    Lets a dd a few hyperlinks and share thoughts on the GIF making tools too, did you like Giphy or Imgur better? Did one of the GIF essays stand out? Lets add a lil’ more when you can – more good stuff to come in class this week!

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