Assignment 2!- GIF

Prior to taking this course I was really nervous into what I was getting myself into! Digital story telling? What could this course possibly consist of? Are my skill sets good enough to achieve in this course?

Is CT101 for experts!?

This was my reaction after I finished my first Ct101 zoom session! Getting to know what we were going to do in this course seems very exciting! In my opinion, this course is going to feel like 15 weeks of actually learning something interesting!

CT101 is so much more fun than my other courses! I actually enjoy working on assignments in this course! On the other hand, assignments for my other courses… not so much







Me every time I do something creative in this course! There’s so much potential! I know once I absorb as much as I can from this course, I will continue creating content on my own!



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  1. Excellent work! Much more to come! There are so many great tools out there on the web that are accessible for us to create and experiment with, while discussing and sharing the process, Good energy!

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