Assignment #2- Gifs

Storybook gif

From A person who isn’t used to using the internet, Gifs are fun and easy and also an easy way to communicate. And I think they will continue to go far for that reason.

Stories can be told with gifs because they can cover a lot of words and one gif can be one whole conversation and can say so much.

Cartoon checklist

I think whats makes a succcessful blog is being simple and to the point especially for people who have a hard time with the internet. And if theres not a lot going on it will be easy for others to stay engaged. I don’t think I was covering many aspects because I was just trying to complete assignment.

groot clapping

I liked the first day of CT101, compared to my other classes the load work is not as demanding and I’m allowed to be more creative and can express myself more in this class. I enjoyed hearing about what to expect and enjoyed hearing I’ll learn more about the internet and what it has in store.

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  1. Cool!
    Forward we go!
    Now let’s add some hyperlinks!
    The assignment details have a ton of contextual resources to help you expand this assignment – much info and inspiration to draw from, take another look and see how you can expand on it,
    Thank you!

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