Assignment # 7- Mid-semester reflection post

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I am doing okay in CT101. I have learned how to use many internet tools like giphy. I have learned how to communicate through an image. I’m still trying to get a hang of blogging.


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I am a little behind in Ct101 I have a lot of catching up to do. What i’ve learned is how to use giphy and use them in my posts weekly. I did not know what a hyperlink was before this class or how to blog, I think the grade I deserve is  a C at least until I catch up on all my work because I do come to class and try to participate, it’s just my work that’s lacking the most.

Compared to my first post I do see some progress in my posts, I can expand more by adding more elements.

I don’t comment on my classmates posts and will start doing that, I also don’t participate as much But, I do participate when I have a question or have something to add.

I will make improvements by spending more time on my assignments.

These are the assignments I did,

Im missing 4,5,6

Assignment 1,  Assignment 2, Assignment 3

4 thoughts on “Assignment # 7- Mid-semester reflection post”

  1. Hey Atta I am also behind in class I believe I am missing Assignment #4 & 5. I have been occupied with my writing class and sociology courses since it is essays due back to back. During the break I plan to watch the recordings to complete the two assignments I am missing. I would suggest to start replying to your classmates since they can offer suggestions when editing your blogs and vice versa.

  2. Keep practicing!
    You are getting the hang of it!
    It takes a lot of practice and revisions but please keep practicing!
    Also, make sure that you answered all of the questions in this assignment’s criteria, thank you!

  3. Good day Atta,
    Thanks for your simple post. I can understand your progress. i think very soon you will do more work like comments, posting, and all of the fun creative activities. this class is really fun and a favorite to me when i see everyone’s posts. i think you would do more practice.

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