Assignment #2-How’s CT101 so far?

On the first day of CT101 I was nervous at first because the description of the class stated that we would have to build an online identity and it also mentioned networked conversation. And I interpreted it as having to create a personality and be able to converse with others. Which could be somewhat difficult since the pandemic “shut down” most of my social skills.

I did enjoy hearing about the course and its creative content, I was really excited to be using cuny commons again and to have the flexibility to be creative. I think it is very pleasant to have a community where we can just share our opinions and the things we like.

Compared to my other classes CT101 is very flexible, we can edit our work and we are encouraged to express ourselves. I think that CT101 will help us navigate the internet, we are getting a chance to combine many different tools.

I think the potential of this class would be to be able to make your own blog and be very creative. You will be able to add gifs, screenshots and some many more things. It will be different from other blogs and can even attract in many people. Another potential would be just to have knowledge about technology.

I personally liked Giphy over Imgur. My first three gifs I created were by using Giphy, I had tried to make the third one using Imgur but then realized that you couldn’t add stickers. Which as small as the difference is, it was the fact that I could add stickers to make that gif complete and what I had visualized. The fourth gif I got was from Imgur and the fifth gif I also made using Giphy. 

CompuServe created 87a and it was introduced on 15 June, 1987. 87a would later become known as GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and it would be considered a tool. They can be used for logos, games, small video clips,  to convey emotion and feelings, ect. And yet no one can tell us exactly how to pronounce it! “The GIF itself has become the destination.” The GIF is officially 30-something and is still being treated like a new Internet tool.

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      1. I was so nervous to attend this class just like you because I didn’t know what to expect. I love that scene from “The Karate Kid” featuring Jaden Smith. I enjoyed reading your blog.

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