Assignment 2 GIFS!

Gif or JIF?

On enrolling for CT101 I had no idea what it would be about. I was not sure what to expect. The last semester I took CT 160 and it was all about User Experience Design and creating websites/apps that were user friendly. I had actually worked with this type of blogging website so I was very familiar on how to use it. But after our professor for CT101 explained it, I knew instantly I would love this class

Creativity to me is the best element a class can have. Freedom to make something excites me and after learning about what we will be doing in this class and even what we have done so far is amazing.

Being able to make something from your own imagination is a good feeling but being able to also see other peoples work to inspire more ideas is great and that’s why this class has to be my favorite of the semester.

This class has been different than any other class I have taken. It feels more like a fun group project with everyone contributing to make something amazing.  I honestly love reading other peoples post and getting to know them through these blog posts because you see more of their personality with gifs and  pictures and is a much more effective way to get to know them than posting on a discussion board. I cant wait for the next few weeks!