Assignment 3- Are internet memes art

Are memes art?

I think memes are art. And some are more straight forward like this one is telling a story many others agree that memes are an art form as well.

There are many different kinds of memes created with so many different aspects even according to google memes could be included as a form of art because it shows human creativity and its the production of something that people appreciate because it helps them show communicate many different things.

Cold dead hands, etc

Even this meme that expresses one’s love for cargo pants

and memes can definitely be used to tell stories just as this one is able to show how I feel about all my other classes. because there are many pictures that people put words over depending on the situations they have been in.
And even the video we watched in class shows how while we are making memes or looking at them we are making and looking at art.

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