Assignment 10

For my blogging I will be showing stop gun violence pictures also I will be showing different types of colors, shapes for the pictures for stopping gun violence. Also I will  show a context of stopping gun violence around the world for the youth, adults so I can let people know I’m creating an change for our life everyday.

Asssignment 9

Signing up for the reclaim hosting finding a perfect name to come up with was very easy for me, because I knew what I wanted to talk about throughout my experience going through all of the steps was good for me to create my website. This website mainly going to be talking about more of stopping gun violence in a positive way to create change around the whole world, because guns need to stop today.

Domain name Gun violence stops Assignment 8

The reason why I chose this domain name is, because this name means a lot to me a lot of young black men is getting killed from gun violence for no reason is getting out of hand. I really chose this domain name is, because I lost two  of my friends from gun violence one was 17 the other one was 15 that was a struggle for me losing my two friends at a early age. I will create change for the youth that’s coming up after me so they won’t have to experience violence while their outside playing in the parks, and going to school.


The mid-semester Reflection post Assignment 7

The last 7.5 weeks was very well learning something new every week for this class it open my eyes during this class, and outside of school as well. Also I learned a lot from this class this class is very amazing, fun in my eyes. This class will help me outside of school for my life for a job also help me to run my own business down the line ,and just being  a human being in life moving forward.

Assignment 7- Mid-summer re-cap

Mid-semester re-cap

I think I’m doing alright in CT101. Honestly, it’s been hard for me to stay on top of all the assignments, I’m not the most tech-savvy.

Because of CT101 I’ve learned about many internet tools such as daily create or Giphy. Ones that I can use out of class even. Before taking this class I didn’t have many things I could use for designing and helping me with my brand. But now I know about photopea and so many more.

I Honestly think right now I deserve like a C because I didn’t really turn in my assignments on time and I also haven’t been complimenting on my classmates’ posts and I need to take accountability for what I haven’t been doing.

As for my creativity expanding  I can’t speak on it because I just did my assignments. The only one Im missing is Assignment 6 now. I also can’t really list my other assignments because I just did them.

But now that I know how fun and easy they are I will be better prepared if we have another assignment like this.

I also don’t really participate much in class because we don’t really have that many kids that come to class and most people say what I have wanted to say.

But from now on in order to improve my grade I will keep up with my assignments by making reminders for them. So that I can actually see improvements in my work and not have to wait until the last minute.

Assignment links


Assignment 5- Digital Storytelling Projects

Assignment 5-digital storytelling projects

Canva application

The first assignment I chose was one that came from the DS106 assignment bank I picked this specific one because I do have a clothing brand and wanted to pick an assignment that had something to do with design.

Step one- I went to Canva which gives you access to many different templates and lets you be creative in the things you’ll create


the next step was to select a template and pictures that aligned with what I wanted to create.
Step 3: I played around with the fonts so I could decide how I wanted to place everything and how I wanted it to look.
And here is the finalll…
finished vogue magazine template
Doing assignments like these helps us not only experiment with new things but it helps us learn new skills we may need in the future. And because most of these projects are explained very well it doesn’t take doing too many of these to learn something that we can use even for school projects.
Next I did the daily create project.
This project involved writing a letter to a planet and writing a space journal Log about the planet
The name I chose is Saomia and here is the Log I wrote
It’s day 345 on this planet, but who’s counting
The people here are peaceful and actually work in harmony.
Which was weird at first because America is nothing like that. But now it’s starting to rub off on me. I actually say Good Morning to people when I leave my cube. Yea I said Cube they are so much better than apartments and more spacious also. And the water here is yellow which threw me off at first but over time I was able to get used to it and it tastes better than spring water.
This is where Im signing off, if I gave out all the information you wouldn’t come back for the rest of my letters.
Signing off…
The good thing about these assignments is that we learn of so many more internet tools that we didnt think existed like  a planet generator. I believe many people should do like one of these a month to learn something new

Assignment 4- Passions

Basketball court

Assignment 4 – Passions

Something I’m passionate about is basketball. it was something I was introduced to because of my neighborhood and it was also something that most people contributed to stay out of trouble.
And then over time, it turned into a passion. Basketball also is a way to play the stress away. Life comes with many stressful things and having something to get rid of that stress helps us stay away from things that could get us into trouble.
A dunk
Basketball is also something that has opened many opportunities for so many people who may have been living in poverty and being on the court with so many different people has been such a blessing.
Being on the court you learn so many lessons and forget about everything happening around you.
I have even been blessing with the opportunity to play basketball in college and can’t wait

Assignment 3- Are internet memes art

Are memes art?

I think memes are art. And some are more straight forward like this one is telling a story many others agree that memes are an art form as well.

There are many different kinds of memes created with so many different aspects even according to google memes could be included as a form of art because it shows human creativity and its the production of something that people appreciate because it helps them show communicate many different things.

Cold dead hands, etc

Even this meme that expresses one’s love for cargo pants

and memes can definitely be used to tell stories just as this one is able to show how I feel about all my other classes. because there are many pictures that people put words over depending on the situations they have been in.
And even the video we watched in class shows how while we are making memes or looking at them we are making and looking at art.

Assignment 2- Making our first Gifs

Making out first Gif’s

I think Gifs will go far because they are another form of communicating with different kinds of people.

In addition to that if you can show that you’re feeling an emotion through a Gif they are most definitely capable of telling a story.

What makes a compelling, successful, and engaging blog post is being simple and not writing too much. I say that because people’s attention spans are pretty short.

Looking back I didn’t hit many of the blogging points because I definitely wasn’t proofreading or checking that I was being thoughtful.

out of the two platforms Giphy and Imgur I find giphy to be the better of the two because it’s more user-friendly.

The first day of CT101 wasn’t what i expected it to be. My other classes were syllabus-heavy and homework heavy and this class wasn’t anything like that which is good.

And it gives me more space to be creative when I do my homework by expressing my feelings through images and videos of my choosing.

I also think learning new things will help me when it comes to my brand and learning internet tools I could use to enhance it.


Assignment 1-Internet happy

Stay happy Gif

Assignment 1-internet happy

Something on the internet that makes me happy is basketball highlights. I’m a big fan of basketball so being able to have access to even watch full games back from youtube or even see so much basketball content from Instagram, is something that makes me happy.

There are many videos so it’s hard to even get bored and that’s something that makes me happy because I could even apply some things to my own playing.


who said that assignment 3

I feel like when it comes down to this meaning people in this world today will know something about somebody , and you will never know. People will always know someone, and talk about the person to another person that they  know, and will tell the  person everything that they know about the person, and that person will never fund out to later on in life.

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