assignment 3 memes

I do believe that memes are art!
Art is a method for us to express ourselves; it allows us to exhibit who we truly are and our ingenuity. Art is also very significant in our culture since it means something to people, especially those who like to express themselves! and here are some of the results I found. memes, memes, and more memes
I believe than mems are good communication because Memes sometimes employ comedy, familiar references, and succinct images to appeal to a broad audience. They can help communicate information and ideas in an easy-to-digest and entertaining style. Memes have the ability to quickly go viral, reaching a large number of individuals in a short period of time. This can aid in the dissemination of information, raising awareness, and sparking discussions about relevant issues.
Yes, memes may be used to tell stories. Memes are commonly connected with humor and internet culture, but they may also be used as a kind of visual communication to transmit narratives and ideas.
A way memes are used on the web are for example Symbolism. Memes frequently use symbols, catchphrases, or visual motifs that have cultural significance. These symbols can be repurposed or altered to symbolize ideas, topics, or plot points in a novel. Storytellers can tap into the collective understanding and emotional resonance connected with meme symbols by adopting popular meme symbols.
and here are my 3 favorite memes of all time 🙂