What Am I Passionate About?

I can wholeheartedly say that the first thing I thought of when reading the assignment for this post was MUSIC. I. LOVE. MUSIC. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been drawn to music.

With that being said, I would NEVER consider joining the music industry or taking music seriously as a career because it is rough, and I’ve heard a lot of horror stories. So I decide to just sit back and appreciate the art that comes from it.

I was first introduced to music by my family of course. My mother as well as my siblings would always have music blasting throughout the house no matter the occasion.
First day of school? MUSIC
Christmas Eve? MUSIC
Family visiting from overseas? MUSIC
It was almost like it was a party in the house everyday. I started off listening to mostly gospel music due to my mother being a devout Christian woman. She always made sure we knew how much she loved the lord, and one of the main ways she did that was through music. Waking up to “The Battle Is The Lord’s” By Yolanda Adams (my mom’s favorite singer), meant that it was cleaning day and everybody needed to WAKE UP

Now my personal favorite genre of music is undoubtedly R&B. The genre that mostly consists of enchanting melodies, and lyrics that tug on your heartstrings. It was one of the many genres played around me growing up, but it was also the genre that I became attached to, and continued to keep up with. When I begin to feel overwhelmed by school or other things going on, I just turn on some R&B to keep myself calm and it works wonders.