Assignment # 3 Memes? Art?

After 2 wonderful weeks of CT101 class, I come across Memes. I’m not a fan of them and never became comfortable sharing them or creating them myself.

Memes are not good for Art,  let me explain;

Although memes are a visual medium, they are not art forms. Memes are not art; if the meme was ever an art form, the generic replication of the meme format has resulted in a blanket exclusion of memes as a category of art, in my opinion. Though memes, like art, can provide a cultural lens and a sense of comments, they differ from art in that they lack symbolism and are devoid of emotional impact or intention.

 Meme picture used from the movie LORD OF THE RINGS. Frodo:

I would like to change my perspective on the communication level of Memes, which have some aspects of visual representation on the internet. Memes can be good for communication for instance, Memes are a way for people in our society to share their thoughts, feelings, humor, and ideas in general. We are attracted to memes because they are relatable, and the audience thrives on things to which they can relate. In our society, memes are a form of communication. To connect to each other in form of relatable sources and life experiences. If Memes help influence people in a positive way then it’s a great way of communication. 

 Kevin Durant “The real MVP”

Memes were defined as “an element of a culture or system of behavior passed down from one individual to another through imitation.” Memes in today’s world manifest as viral images or videos, and they can be political, satirical, or comical, and they make entertainment and global news more relatable – particularly to millennial consumers. They can range from amusing cat pictures or photoshopped celebrity images to more serious videos about bullying. Memes, in addition to being intended to make us laugh, can identify a common feeling, experience, or opinion. It shows a great example of having forms of self-expression. Allowing users to release a content image to connect with the internet through a trend.

 “Teacher” meme 

The limitation of social media is that the text limit makes it difficult to write a complete narrative. Because a narrative is constrained by the number of text readers engage with on social media, visual storytelling dominates the storytelling process. Memes, gifs, funny videos, and humorous captions are all examples of funny visuals.


5 thoughts on “Assignment # 3 Memes? Art?”

  1. Hey Zia! I really enjoyed reading your blog despite our opinions differing because you are the first person I have everrrr seen say they are not a big fan of memes. I understand the making part but for someone who isn’t a big fan of making memes, you did a good job. They were quite funny. I don’t necessarily disagree with your stance on memes not being art or good for art because after all, I can see where you’re coming from.

    1. Hey Safiya thanks for the feedback, yes I am not a big fan of memes however when I come across the funny ones it’s always good to enjoy them. Honestly, memes can be up for debate if its considered art, there is backup research on why memes are art.

  2. Epic Post!
    Thank you so much, this is great work!
    Great use of MEMEs, storytelling / narrative and context!
    You links and examples really help share the content and the story.
    It flows in your own words easily.
    Thank you!

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