Assignment #3: MEMES & ME

Are le Memes art? I would definitely say that they are!

It’s been a long debate on the internet, but memes are definitely a form of art. Memes are good for art because they are another form of storytelling. They are created by existing media and is transformative to communicate a message. This is the core of storytelling. These web sources agree that memes are art.

Memes: is it art? – The Courier Online

Social Media Creativity: can Memes be considered Art? (

But despite that, others will vehemently disagree.

If memes are just simply a form of self-expression, then that in of itself constitutes art. Why would there be a separation of the definition just because you may or may not like it? Trying to discredit memes seems like gatekeeping art to suite your own preferences
Here are some of my favorite memes. This could be applied here similar to the cat gif I just used. It’s of a super nerd that is supposed to represent a pompous, know-it-all that misspells the word “actually” as “ackchyually.” This is used to poke fun of a person that tries to play the contrarian to an embarrassing degree. This meme is both hilarious and appropriate for this situation.
Another would be the recently popular “surprised Pikachu” meme. This is used to express complete shock in any situation, kinda like this one here.
Here is a link to the first pokemon opening. It gives you a feel on what the show is all about. It’s the most iconic thing in the history of the series: (50) Pokémon Season 1: Indigo League – Opening Theme – YouTube
Another favorite meme of mine would be the “Well yes, but actually no” meme. It is usesd in a situation whereif you’re stating something a fact that’s somewhat true, but mostly false.
The original source is from this movie called “So You Wanna Be A Pirate” back in 2012. Here’s the video explaining the origins of where the scene came from: (50) [MEME ORIGIN] Well Yes, But Actually No – YouTube
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