Assignment #3-Memes!

Skeptical Third World Kid meme

Im my opinion, memes are a form of ART. Art can be anything from paintings of Mona Lisa to sculptures made by Michelangelo. 

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Memes can be used as a form of expressing how you are feeling or explaining why you are feeling that way. It can be made to be funny, relatable or both. This way, you can COMMUNICATE your feelings to other people without having to speak or explain yourself. Some people, like me, are shy so speaking up isn’t one of our greatest virtues. Sharing memes, allows one to express one’s sentiments, just like a painting would do. This way you can connect with other people or at least relate to them!

Is this good or bad for Art?…

Memes can be good in the sense that I explained in the previous paragraph. It can be created and used as a form of expression or it can be a communication starter. Article 1 explains that there are quality memes that can make you laugh and prompt you to send it to others. However, there are some that are just disappointing and one cannot see the reason to its creation. Just like we do to art, we appreciate and value good memes while judge or criticize less-than-stellar memes.

Memes are not just simple forms of self-expression.

Memes can also be used as a mirror to real life. Article 2 shows that memes can, in fact, reflect real life events. Many meme creators  share bits of information through their perspective and tag their work, allowing others to view things “through the lenses of the creator,” hence getting a new perspective.

Art is whatever you view it as and it keeps on evolving on a daily basis!


Article 1: 

Article 2:

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  1. Thank you!
    So far so good on this!
    I like your descriptions and the organization of the post – plus, great memes!
    I think there are a few parts of the assignment details that are missing , take a second look back at the assignment specs and add the update as you go. Thank you!

  2. I agree that a meme is a form of expressing how an individual is feeling, and what makes it very interesting is how you describe what you think in a funny, friendly picture. You are correct that memes can be a mirror to life. It has happened to me where I saw memes that represent life events that occurred in the past.

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