Assignment #7: The Mid-Semester Reflection Post


How am I doing in CT101? Time for evaluation. I always try to be humble and leave it up to the judges. However, based on the work thus far. I believe I’m doing exceptional in the course thus far.

The first assignment: What kickstarted it all, and a key point I want to address is that I was able to through these mediums of It made my work more artistic, and brought points across as reinforcements. That is sensational, in my eye.

The class has been sensational I must say. A ton has been learned, and retained. I learned that there are creative outlets like the I retained the ability to hyperlink, fuse memes into my text and create harmony in a post. Also to edit text into a meme. I retained that feedback overall strengthens my work and reinforces the strengths I have provided in each assignment.

Take assignment #2, for instance.

Time to assess the new skills I have either developed or displayed in my consistent uploads. I have unlocked I think my level of humor and creativity when I uploaded various posts. Also my structure of writing and gelling the video or hyper links has been pristine I believe. As well as meme’s too.

Grades are tough to determine, to take the role of the professor in this hypothetical is tricky. I hope it’s in agreeable, but something in the range of a A letter grade. A slight knock on attendance once or twice. Bar that, I don’t see much to sway that evaluation. I try to show ambition by developing my posts in two phases. The initial one that addresses the bulk of the request in the proposal. And the latter, to refine and edit anything missed.


I think my weekly posts always have potential to expand creatively. I believe in the X-factor. I wouldn’t wane to the abyss of saying I’m in a loop. The foundations are hyperlinks, memes, and spacing. Yet with new elements proposed like the DS106 options, and different combinations of the fixture elements that have remained over the first half of the semester, options are there to make new golden product in our posts. Being flexible is the key to avoid such a loop and being trapped. Incorporate, the DS106 options or something in the second half of the semester and all will be fluid, I think.

In assignment 5, I value the options proposed with two sites and whatever you are more comfortable with, you are able to venture towards. And the opportunity to include personal stories to make the work on display more human. Therefore relatable.


Thankfully, I am on pinpoint track with my assignments. I kept up my work-rate and always aim to demonstrate quality that is produced quickly. I’m writing this after a taxing day at work, if that’s a testament of my commitment to the cause. Your call, please.

When it comes to commentary, it’s something I will have to investigate further. I respond to comments by the professor, and have initially responded to a few comments on my work via fellow classmates. I suppose I comment on the I really appreciated the comment from Professor Seslow, on Assignment 6. Even on Assignment 3, (while I’m searching for hyperlinks of each assignment) I see I accumulated 9 comments. Some regarding the structure of that assignment.


As a person, I appreciate backing and reinforcement of my efforts, as I invest a lot of energy and commitment to my work in my wholehearted belief.

I think my level of participation has been relatively fair. I have responded in agreement or disagreement to various questions proposed to the class. I think there is more room to grow in this department.


This is the time to be accountable. 

I think I keep my head held high and go into the class with the same level of intrigue. I think content wise, I’m flying and doing my utmost to revise instantly all posts. As soon as I can I try to digest the assignment mandate, and tackle it in quick fashion. Yet my first draft is also quite through. I think Assignment 4 in particular took two or so hours alone to format it and make sure it’s refined. Yet classy as well.

It’s been great at the halfway point, let’s all have a great rest of the semester! Power through and defy the odds.


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  1. Great work on this, and yesss, you are spot on!
    I like how you have listed all of the completed posts in accompany with the needed gifs n’ memes!
    Accountability is huge, it helps us work harder and smarter, forward we go!
    Thank you!

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