Assignment #4 – Free styling Projects

Assignment #6 Tik-Tok of your pet

For the first assignment that I would like to work from the DS106 assignment bank is “TikTok of Your Pet” which is a video assignment.

For step #1 – Open the TikTok app and in the top right hand corner, type up popular dog sounds or trends.

TikTok Search bar


Popular dog sounds

For step #2 – Then I would select a TikTok video that has a popular dog sound for me to use. I would go to the bottom of the screen and select the sound that the TikTok user is using in his video.


For step #3 – After that, I would go where it says “use this sound” and tap it and start recording my dog.

Use this Sound


For step #4 – After I finish recording my TikTok, I would go and hit next at the bottom of the screen.

My Dog

For step #5 – I would add some hashtags that are trending so it can get some traction but also to describe the video in few words. Finally, I will hit “post”.

Polpular Trend

Here is my dog in their first TikTok with the popular/silly sound. I really like that my dog is cute and hilarious with this popular/silly effect on TikTok. My dog’s reaction is like “what are you doing bothering me with this sound, I’m trying to sleep over here?”

game of thrones

I had chosen this first assignment because I really love dogs in general and I wanted to show my way of loving my dogs, by them being featured in a funny TikTok video. Also I like using TikTok and viewing other peoples funny or interesting videos, so much that they give me ideas that I know would turn out good for me when posting it.

DS 106 photoshop

For the second project, I don’t have the skills to do the assignment, but I would like to learn how to average layers in photoshop. I would love to learn how to do this because I’m interested in taking pictures either of myself or my family.

I can learn how to do this by finding a YouTube video. Actually here is one that I found.

I feel that the amount of these kinds of projects that I should be doing in this semester, so that I might learn and build both emergent storytelling skills and use new tools to create them are a few times or in other words……

I think these skills are important because you can add to the picture and make it interesting. You can make it interesting by adding filters or special effects and even making it beautiful instead of having a regular photo or a couple of photos with nothing added to it, to make it compelling, like telling a story.



6 thoughts on “Assignment #4 – Free styling Projects”

  1. Excellent!
    What fun, and down the Tik Tok dog rabbit hole I went, haha.
    Good work on this, I love the images and how they fluidly lead the reader through your post.
    I also enjoy the tutorial and how you took each step, as well as the humor induced by a great selections of GIF memes!
    Thank you!

    1. Im new to Tik Tok for the most part, I consume more than I make but find it to be a slow start compared to instagram – haha I must be patient 🙂

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