Assignment #4: Digital Storytelling Flexibility Project Part 1



I choose the Word Cloud assignment from DS 106 my first project, it was easy to complete by myself.It requires you to use different words that have meaning to you. You turn it into a cloud by typing those words into a Word Cloud generator. WordArt Generator was the website I used. (They do charge for you to own it) However you can screenshot and crop the image. I love the 90’s vibe of the font I choose because it remind me of  the font for The Wayans Bros. The font is (Caesar Dressing).

I decided to twist this project by using a picture of me as a backdrop. I have been learning about a source’s bias when interviewing in my journalism 280 class. I realized how biased my word cloud would be because I didn’t want to put negative words in my word cloud. I decided to ask my social media followers on Facebook and Instagram to describe my personality using one word. While some most positive, some were negative (my sister is my biggest hater). Many of my friends didn’t read the previous comments and often repeated the same words. 

Some words that are mentioned within the art are: Lit, Dope, Afrocentric, Genuine, open-minded, loud mean, welcoming, loyal, red, devious, sarcastic, welcoming, beautiful, ratchet, intelligent, dedicated and outspoken. The colors are what is picked up from the image (Red, Black and Green) are the colors of the pan african flag and the green depicted is actual black. Its funny how my Africana studies influence always seems to come through my art in some way. This was the first thing I noticed.

In CT101, I’m learning the importance of communication because of remote learning. Accessibility is important when trying to engage with different types of audiences. Journalism incorporates the use of social media to interact with our audience, even after I posted on my social media people continued to give me words to use which was great.This project’s photo is a personality shot that gives whoever is looking at it a glimpse of who I am. The words have meaning because they come from people who have met me in different life stages. 

The Final Result
The original image.


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  1. This is SO COOL! Great work on this, really love the narrative, how to aspect of things – and colorful text too! I want to try this assignment as well, you have inspired me to get on it. I like the connection and contexts to your journalism classes too!

      1. Im going to do it too! When I was in college this was an actual assignment that we had to complete character by character… lol, it took over 10 hours to complete! lol….

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