Assignment#4: Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility Part 2

For this project I choose the Ghost From Ds 106 Past to complete this project you have to go through the archives of the ds106 website (or search #ds106 anywhere on the internet) and recreate it to the best of your ability while still making it your own. I found an my inspiration on instagram a superimposed superman on an eyeball.

Going into this project I was a little intimidated because of my limited abilities in Photoshop. I begin looking at photo editing apps to see if I could do this. I choose the Bazaart Photo Editor and Design App its only available on iPad and iPhone.

The first thing I did was spend 20 minutes looking at eyes close up on google. This green one stuck out to me.

Secondly,  a tattered American flag (this art was inspired by a dream i had the night before)






Lastly, I wanted a good versus evil dynamic to my art and found this picture and loved it.

Now that we have our pictures lets get to work!!!

Step 1: I uploaded the eye picture on the app.

Step 2: Then I add the flag

Step 3: I have to get rid of that white boarder around the flag. On the app there is a magic button that removes it.

Step 4: I enlarged the flag, I manipulated the opacity of the flag.

Step 5:  I added the Good Vs. Evil drawing on top of the flag.

Step 6: I have to remove the black border on the image.

Step 7: I enlarged the image and adjusted the opacity of the image.

Viola! Here is the final product.

I named this piece Amerikkka

Pretend you are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and you see my art. You read the caption write below it.  Heres what it would say

“Trump exposed the America we already knew existed” – WheelchairBae 🤘🏾 

The eye represents the prospective viewer. The green represents capitalism in which America thrives. The tattered flag represents the wars we started and how ancestors put in work for America to fit into their homes that never accepted them. The current state of America that refuses to address racial disparities. People who hate us often burn our flag as a symbolic hatred for the real people in power (Not Us). The child is next-generation forced to follow unjust laws and beliefs of ignorance, which caused a divide between good and evil. RACISM IS THE EVIL Unity is good. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU? People wear masks; Trump exposed the real racist out here. People aren’t afraid of being racist anymore. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN-Who was America Good too? Depends on perspective, The symbolism of trump not wearing his mask and catching coronavirus is the western view of “civilization” The need to save people who are different from others. The ignorance of not protecting yourself by wearing your mask from the virus exposing others to sickness is Very American. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF. History is often told from the winners’ perspective now that the whole world is impacted. Everyone’s views matter now. WE NEED TO ADDRESS THE RACIAL PROBLEMS IN AMERICA ITS LITERALLY KILLING US ALL. 🤟🏾




Assignment 3: Are Memes Art?

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.


Memes area concept or idea that spreads virally from one person to another via the Internet. An Internet meme could be anything from an image to an email or video file; however, the most common meme is an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption. The proliferation of social media has led to Internet memes spreading very quickly and reaching more people. Many Internet memes use humor and appeal largely to the adolescent and post-adolescent demographic: this demographic is much more likely to discover Internet memes, understand the humor behind them and be willing to forward it on to friends.”


The digital age has changed the type of media art is seen and created on. The use of paints and sculpting will always be needed, but the downside is these things break and get damaged over time. Memes are timeless in a sense they aren’t link to a period in time or an artist style. MEMES ARE ART

I had a horrible experience on the MTA Thursday after class. I got on a bus. My daughter and I boarded the bus, and the driver never secured my wheelchair. She told me it wasn’t her job to do so. She allowed my chair to skid while she drove as I held my daughter in my lap. By law, the bus isn‘t supposed to be in motion until my chair is secured. She wouldn’t give or name and badge number I reported her to the MTA. I even plan on Suing the MTA for negligence. I have made it my life’s mission to call people out on their crap when they violate my rights. Memes allow me to show how ridiculous people sound when they say ignorant things to me in relation to me being disabled. This is to bring awareness to inclusion and give a voice to people who may not be as vocal as I am.


Assignment #4: Digital Storytelling Flexibility Project Part 1



I choose the Word Cloud assignment from DS 106 my first project, it was easy to complete by myself.It requires you to use different words that have meaning to you. You turn it into a cloud by typing those words into a Word Cloud generator. WordArt Generator was the website I used. (They do charge for you to own it) However you can screenshot and crop the image. I love the 90’s vibe of the font I choose because it remind me of  the font for The Wayans Bros. The font is (Caesar Dressing).

I decided to twist this project by using a picture of me as a backdrop. I have been learning about a source’s bias when interviewing in my journalism 280 class. I realized how biased my word cloud would be because I didn’t want to put negative words in my word cloud. I decided to ask my social media followers on Facebook and Instagram to describe my personality using one word. While some most positive, some were negative (my sister is my biggest hater). Many of my friends didn’t read the previous comments and often repeated the same words. 

Some words that are mentioned within the art are: Lit, Dope, Afrocentric, Genuine, open-minded, loud mean, welcoming, loyal, red, devious, sarcastic, welcoming, beautiful, ratchet, intelligent, dedicated and outspoken. The colors are what is picked up from the image (Red, Black and Green) are the colors of the pan african flag and the green depicted is actual black. Its funny how my Africana studies influence always seems to come through my art in some way. This was the first thing I noticed.

In CT101, I’m learning the importance of communication because of remote learning. Accessibility is important when trying to engage with different types of audiences. Journalism incorporates the use of social media to interact with our audience, even after I posted on my social media people continued to give me words to use which was great.This project’s photo is a personality shot that gives whoever is looking at it a glimpse of who I am. The words have meaning because they come from people who have met me in different life stages. 

The Final Result
The original image.


Assignment 1 – Internet Happiness

My internet happiness is getting all the tea. Tea in the online world refers to gossip. I love it all, whether its Facebook, Twitter,TMZ and The Shade Room. I love reading comments and these stories that are the inspiration for memes.

The most memorable Tea that was a debate amongst my friends and I was the August Alsina and Jayda Pinkett Smiths relationship. Jada, who is 48 years old, began dating August Alsina, 28 years old, while separated from her husband, Will Smith. The phrase “entanglement” went viral after the story broke.


Jada and her husband Will Smith (Left) Jada and her “Entanglement” August  Alsina (Right)

The debate over this relationship is August Alsina was a friend of Jada Pinkett’s son. He was very ill with drug addiction and other health issues. He reached out to her for help. While the age difference between obvious enough, the fact that she was still legally married and left him to go back to her husband. In my opinion, Jada used him because she was filling a void in her relationship by sleeping with him. She broke that mentor bond for selfish reasons. He was in recovery, and this didn’t help in any way.
Another thing is the double standard of it all amid the #MeToo movement. If Jada were a man, she would be considered a predator like Harvey Weinstein or R. Kelly.

Here is August interview

Here is Jada’s response


Some memes: