Assignment #4: DS106 Assignment Repository

As my first assignment I chose: “That’s not what I expected” which was from the visual assignment section. It seemed as something simple but meaningful to do. It was something I could quickly figure out on my own by simply looking at the assignment directions. This assignment,in my opinion, reminds us to always look at the bigger picture. Sometimes, by only looking at one part or a simple piece of the picture, you might get a misunderstanding. Like in any situation, even in the real life, problems can arise when you do not look at the whole picture because you get a whole different idea than when you actually see the entire picture/situation. In this case, by simply looking at a zoomed in picture, a million guesses can come to mind, but it might be tricky guessing correctly. I will now show my outcome for this assignment.

In my opinion, if I wasn’t the one that took this and I was seeing if for the first time, I wouldn’t know what it was. If anyone comes across this post and picture, leave a comment below with your guess. I was looking through the submitted works for this specific post and I found myself staring at a picture for an extended amount of time trying to figure out what it was a part of.

As my second assignment, I chose: “Create a house” from the 3D printed assignments. I chose this as the assignment that I do not know how to do yet but I would love to complete one day. From reading the first sentence of the assignment instructions, I knew I would not know how to complete it because I do not know what a CAD program is. P.S. I still do not know because I have not looked it up yet (LOL.) Anyways, I would love to complete this in the future. Everyone has in mind what kind of house they would love to own one day. Imagine putting all your ideas into a program and, hopefully, in the future being able to own your DREAM house. I find that fascinating but, since I know myself 100%, I know I will be making changes every week, or so.

I’ve stated, in the previos paragraph, what I would need to learn to complete the project. I do believe that I should be doing these kinds of projects at least twice a month. Therefore, at least 6-8 in this semester. Not only will this be a fun project, but it will also enhance my skills, more specifically, my storytelling skills. I think these skills are very important because anything that enhances your knowledge is very valuable to have. Learning new skills and learning how to use different tools is necessary to keep your mind and creativity working.

2 thoughts on “Assignment #4: DS106 Assignment Repository”

  1. Thank you!
    These are both great assignments to work on!
    Perhaps there is a “non traditional way” to complete them? I believe there is always a context and a work around to achieving outcomes, creativity always plays a role!
    Good work!

  2. I really like the 3D printer assignment. I would love to learn how to build something using CAD.
    CAD stands for computer-aided design and it’s basically computer software that helps engineers design their projects.

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