Assignment#9- Getting The Feels

I had a good experience while editing my website. I did come across minor obstacles that I was able to resolve myself. It just took some time to figure out as I was playing around with the different features.

Before playing around with the features, I thought:

So I Can’t Add GIF’s? 

I mean I was really confused because I basically live off of GIF’s. But then I figured it out!


I press on the “+” sign and populate the other options. Then I proceed to press “image.”


It gives me the option of inserting the image from my gallery or pasting a URL. Since I want to upload a GIF, I insert a URL.








2 thoughts on “Assignment#9- Getting The Feels”

  1. Ahhh yes, sooo you decided to keep the new “block” editor for your website rather than the “classic editor” – the block editor is a lil different as you know! Im happy that you are using it and resolving these very common issues with it! Great work!

    1. I tried using the classic editor after using the new block and for some odd reason, I just wasn’t feeling it. I like the modern twist to the new block editor, it makes me feel innovated haha!

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