Assignment #4 – DS106 Exploring

Today, I will attempt one assignment and discuss another from the DS106 Assignment Repository website.

For my first assignment, I chose a visual assignment called Pop Star Out of Place by Courtney Rodenbough!

Pop Star out of Place

This assignment asks you to take a picture of a pop star and put them in a place where you would probably never see them. Their example is the following:

An image from DS106 website

First, I searched for an image of a pop star on google and saved it to my computer. Then, I searched for a background I thought would be odd for our pop star and kept that too.

I used the website Pixlr to cut out Ariana Grande from a concert and place her in the background I chose.


The image I made for the assignment

Voilà! We have our pop star out of place!

After completing the first assignment, I searched for other projects I could be interested in.

The next one that caught my eye was the following hyperlinked photo…

An image hyperlinked for my second assignment

This assignment, submitted by Jim Groom, instructs you to pick a movie poster and animate it.

Why not choose your favorite! (I thought)

Now, it may seem simple to do, but I wouldn’t get past choosing my favorite movie poster to work on.

However, our friend (the author of this assignment) posted a link to a tutorial from Michael Branson Smith. –> Click Here to Visit

That being said, I do hope to someday be able to complete such artistry!

Learning to simply photoshop might not cut it this semester. I believe there is more to a simple meme or assignment, such as the ones described above. We need to learn to create movement and add sound to images and videos, starting from scratch. Those are skills I hope to gain this semester in CT101!

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  1. Wonderful work on this! Great job! And yes yes we will forge forward learning new tips and tricks along the way for image making and creative processes to give visuals to our evolution. Prof. Smiths tutorials are always so great! Great reference! Thank you!

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