DS 106 Assignment

Today I am going to choose two categories from the DS106 Assignment Bank

For the first part, I chose visual assignments- combo photo

This assignment was fun to do, I had to combine two photos in to one creative one. I did two combo photos for fun.


An Elephant combined with a tornado storm


chili pepper combined with a red hot flame



For Part 2, I participated in creating my logo under design assignments .

This is what I created.


I enjoyed doing this, It was bit challenging and fun.


Assignment #9 – Midterm Reflection!

Hi everyone!

Wow, this semester is just flying by! I’m graduating at the end of December, so I’m both excited and sad to be finished with college.

I remember being so nervous at the start of this semester because this class would be completely new territory for me. I had no previous experience in website creation or web design, or even blogging.

However, Prof. Seslow was very patient with making sure that we understood everything, and I think that the class moves at a comfortable pace for beginners.

One of the highlights of this class for me has been working on the DS 106 projects. It was so much fun doing some of the creative projects there and adding my own twist to some of them too. I think it’s a good way to get out of an artistic slump because there’s so many different things to do!

I had so much fun working on the very first project I did with typography. It really helped me to expand my knowledge with Photoshop. Another highlight for me has been finding and embedding GIFs into my posts. I feel that it really adds some personality to the text!

So far, I really enjoyed learning about new things in CT 101, and can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

Assignment #4 – DS 106 Part 2

Hello everyone!

For this blog post, I will attempt a Visual assignment from the DS 106 website. The project called “Summarize a movie with Animated GIFs” requires you to tell the story of a movie with 10 GIFs or less.

Summarize a movie with Animated GIFs

So, I thought about all the wonderful movies I can play with!

For this project, I chose The Little Mermaid.

After choosing a fine movie to renovate, I then proceeded to Pixlr to combine all the delightful GIFs I found and tell its story. And…

VoilĂ !

(That’s as far as I get with French, by the way)

As much as I love my creation. I cannot tell if it was done properly as I’m not sure if the GIFs are supposed to move since they didn’t in the original assignment.

Nonetheless, I think it came out absolutely splendid!

I hope this will inspire you to create your own movie story.

Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility Assignment

While I was on the DS106 Assignment Repository, I chose visual assignments because I’ve always liked those. When trying to pick which assignment to do, I couldn’t decide. It took me a while to find and decide which one I liked best and felt like I could do. When I finally decided, I choose Pop Star Out of Place.

However, I didn’t pick a Pop Star because I had a different picture in mind. Firstly I opened up Photopea to create my assignment. Secondly, I opened Pixabay to find a good quality picture of a river. Once finding the perfect one I opened it on Photopea.

For my “Pop Star” I selected two characters from one of my favorite shows, Friends. Joey and Chandler have so many funny moments in Friends that it was hard to pick. I found an image that goes well with this background. The only problem was that the image I picked wasn’t really transparent.

I knew I had to use the Magic Wand or Magic Cut to fix this. I took a while to crop out the white and grey but this is how my final result turned out…

The techniques I learned while creating this can be very useful for my future assignments. I can even tell a whole story using the same methods. I do hope to better my skills at editing such images so they can look more realistic. Both Photopea and Pixabay were easy and fun to use to create this. If I were to do another one, I would’ve chosen a different assignment to experiment more. Another assignment that stood out to me and that I want to try was Word Cloud.

Word Cloud was harder to work with and I kept having difficulties trying to open it up. However this was one of the first that caught my eye and I’m still        going to try it soon 🙂






Assignment 4 : DS106 PART 2

We start off going to the DS106 Website!

The assignment I will be doing today is taking a famous person 

and adding a quote that the person never said. I thought It would be pretty

funny and fun to try this from the visual assignment section.

From this photo I took Michael Scott from the office 

saying a famous quote from Spiderman and fusing it together.

For anyone that seen both the show and movie, this quote actually

funny enough makes sense which is why it looks more legit.

I choose this assignment because visual assignments have a massive variety of creative options and since I like making things outside the box I felt that this type of assignment would be best fitting for me. Next time I will try to challenge myself by doing a writing or video assignment!

Assignment 4 DS106 Assignment!

Today I will be working on the DS106 Assignment Bank

Click on the photo above!

In terms of my two selections I picked one visual and one mashup

Here is my visual assignment!

I picked this visual poster because I thought it would be something

cool to do later on in the future. Customizing a current poster and making

it silly always seems like a fun idea.

Next is my mashup assignment!

For this assignment I have picked this because I thought it would

be cool to take two brands and mash them together.

This is the assignment I will be doing!

The photo above is my take on the mashup assignment.

I combined both the McDonald’s slogan I’m loving it with Dunkin Donuts.

I felt that these two slogans go well together and it just seemed fun to do


Assignment #4 – DS106 Exploring

Today, I will attempt one assignment and discuss another from the DS106 Assignment Repository website.

For my first assignment, I chose a visual assignment called Pop Star Out of Place by Courtney Rodenbough!

Pop Star out of Place

This assignment asks you to take a picture of a pop star and put them in a place where you would probably never see them. Their example is the following:

An image from DS106 website

First, I searched for an image of a pop star on google and saved it to my computer. Then, I searched for a background I thought would be odd for our pop star and kept that too.

I used the website Pixlr to cut out Ariana Grande from a concert and place her in the background I chose.


The image I made for the assignment

VoilĂ ! We have our pop star out of place!

After completing the first assignment, I searched for other projects I could be interested in.

The next one that caught my eye was the following hyperlinked photo…

An image hyperlinked for my second assignment

This assignment, submitted by Jim Groom, instructs you to pick a movie poster and animate it.

Why not choose your favorite! (I thought)

Now, it may seem simple to do, but I wouldn’t get past choosing my favorite movie poster to work on.

However, our friend (the author of this assignment) posted a link to a tutorial from Michael Branson Smith. –> Click Here to Visit

That being said, I do hope to someday be able to complete such artistry!

Learning to simply photoshop might not cut it this semester. I believe there is more to a simple meme or assignment, such as the ones described above. We need to learn to create movement and add sound to images and videos, starting from scratch. Those are skills I hope to gain this semester in CT101!

Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

The ds106 home page image with assignment prompt icons

There is A LOT of CT101 – Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility..

***Below are the Zoom class Video recordings from 9/24, 10/1 & 10/6 with this project demonstration, description and process – enjoy!***

Professor Michael Smith introduced me to the DS106 Assignment Repository several years ago. I am glad that he did! 

Now that we are getting comfortable with publishing blog posts to our class website, embedding media like images, GIFS, videos and hyperlinks, its time to push things further with content creation and deciding on how you will go about it.

Prof. Smith wrote the following in a blog post from a previous semester;

“In CT-101 you will have the opportunity to create many, many different pieces of media throughout the semester. Inspiration for these projects can come from a number of places. Two are websites that inspired this class and are hosted by a digital storytelling class at the University of Mary Washington.

One is their ds106 assignment repository which has project prompts that are categorized by a variety of media types (visual, design, audio, video, mashup, writing, fanfic, and animated gifs). You can browse through and sort by most examples completed, most viewed, newest, and more..

The second is also a site known as the daily create which gives a daily project prompt to “make something” using various media. If you post the completed piece with tags to the sites they feed from, you’ll see your work on that page as well.

Finally you can also browse through the main feed of the old CT101 site and see works completed by students in the previous semester. Or find a particular site that has a media piece and/or project type of interest to you (Tumblr and/or Reddit can be fun for this – Photoshop Battles is a favorite of mine.

Browse through these sites and find two projects that you think you would like to do. One that you believe you already have the skills to do or you believe you could figure out on your own. And another (hopefully of a different media type) you don’t know how to do yet and would like to learn.”

*The ASSIGNMENT – In a New Blog Post – working from the DS106 or the Daily Create site select, describe and hyperlink to two assignments/project ideas and tell us why you’ve chosen them. What do you think you’d need learn to do them? How many of these kinds of projects do you think you should be doing in this semester so that you might learn and build both emergent storytelling skills and use new tools to create them? Why do you think these skills are or are not important? Be sure to actually complete one of the assignments and add it to your blog post. Also, be sure to leave a comment or two on one or more of your classmate’s blog posts! Prof. Seslow will go over a example in our class time and screen record the process.

*Below are 3 various Zoom class recordings taken from 9/24, 10/1 & 10/6 with the project demonstrations, descriptions and process – enjoy!


Passcode: $Br7G4EJ

Above – recorded from 9/24



Passcode: wr^NJsw1

Above – recorded from 10/1



Passcode – R!4?UW3q

Above -recorded from 10/6