Assignment #4 – DS106 Repository

1.Web Assignment: Guess The Story

For the first assignment, I decided to go with ‘Guess The Story’. For this, I am instructed to use at least 5 GIFs, along with several hints to tell a myth, legend, or folklore. All the conditions can be seen as follows here. The following myth is one that was actually has a lot of ties internet, so it actually pairs pretty well with said project.

Hint 1:  Has a survival horror video game based on the myth

Hint 2: Has had news articles written about said myth

Hint 3: One of the older myths conceived on the internet

2.AnimatedGIF Assignment: – TV Show GIFs

For this assignment, I will be taking one of my favorite shows and create 4-6 GIFs from it. All the instructions can be seen as follows here. The show I will be using is called Mr.Robot. The show follows the unreliable protagonist ‘Elliot Alderson’ who is a programmer who works as a cyber security engineer by day, but is also a vigilante hacker by night. He then finds himself in a bit of a dilemma when a mysterious leader of an underground hacker group recruits him to take down the very firm he works for. Mr.Robot takes place in New York City as well as various places on Long Island. It is a drama/psychological thriller.

(Little fun fact to throw at the end here. Every bit of code/virus shown on the show is real! There are no green screens on any of the computer monitors. The director wanted every code to be as authentic as possible so they utilized them within controlled virtual environments.)