Assignment #4: multiple leaves and girlfriends

This week’s assignment taught us to look through the 

ds106 assignment repository & the daily create

I like both websites as it has a wide variety of project prompts

(especially for someone who needs that kind of v a r i e t y ).

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Something that caught my eye in the ds106 assignment repository was the visual assignments, and I don’t know how much I have to

e m p h a s i z e

but I’m very much a visual learner c;.

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I took the opportunity to “kill two birds with one stone”, by directly looking into any photography assignments since I’m also taking a photography class. There was this assignment called Multiply Yourself. I thought this was seen various of times and I felt like this was something I would enjoy since I already had much experience in Photoshop.

I tried using Photoshop Express but it was making me pay just to blend TWO photos >:c.

So I used Photoshop Mix which is also free :D.Since I didn’t want to multiply myself, I chose the second best subject, my girlfriend :D.

I took many photographs of her while she was doing her homework (which I thought was really funny because you can see how she goes back and forth to her laptop and iPad).

I opened Photoshop Mix and click on the button in the top right-hand corner. 

Then, add any photograph that you want to become your base, or whatever you want to be “shown”more.

Now, we see my diligent working subject and click on a n o t h e r  plus button and chose another photo. 

From here, we click on the option blend and just drag the slider to your own d e s i r eNow, you see how it looks bland and flat?

Just add a bit of pizzazz and you’re done!

I know it looks like there’s not really a MULTIPLE of her, but it almost looks like it was taken while she was moving and that was my vision for this assignment. I feel as if it gives more emotion compared to ACTUAL multiples of her.

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Next, I went to the daily create and there was this assignment called #tdc3934 #ds106 Imagine A Leaf #writeout.I saw it had 7 responses already and it had different responses, some people drew a leaf with the mapping of the stems and some shared their favorite photograph of a leaf. This is my take on imagine a leaf.

My type of drawings are more abstract, I really like one line drawings, so I just took the liberty and drew different kind of leaves and kind of drew them on top of each other just like the photograph of my girlfriend.

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I believe we needed to learn how to do this so could engage different audiences with our blogs. Of course, having a type of pattern in our blogs, our own sense of blog type is fun but it’s nice to change it up a bit. 

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I think we should be doing a project every other week. A week to play around and learn new skills and tools so we can better our storytelling skills. I do think that these skills are important because it doesn’t hurt to try and learn new things.

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I think it helps us look outside the box in having different audiences rather than just focusing on what we already know. Though we may not really do it well, at least we tried.

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ty <3

3 thoughts on “Assignment #4: multiple leaves and girlfriends”

  1. Excellent work!
    Great assignment selections, outcomes and details!
    Did you enjoy writing out the process as a tutorial?
    Well done!
    Im going to try this first assignment too!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Professor Seslow! Yes, I did enjoy writing out the process. I thought it would be harder to write everything out but remembered we should include screenshots so being able to circle where to go was easier for me and hopeful to the audience as well. I hope your photograph comes out great! See you tomorrow!

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