assignment 6 :)

Assignment 5

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ct 101 meme

Assignment 2

Music. That’s it. That’s the post.

In CT 101 i believe I am doing very good. I’ve learned a lot and i am okay with keeping up with assignments. I’ve learned about hyperlinks and gifs the most.

 love that i learned this

I’ve retained this blog platform the most. The new skill I’ve learned is making gifs, making a creative website and making blogs. Reflecting on my performance in this class id say i’m doing very great.

I know how to make blogs with various media and more now. I believe I am maintaining an A in the class hopefully.

 me thinking positive and mainfesting good grades

I definitely see my weekly blogging expanding. I see myself improving in many areas. I am missing assignment 7.

I comment on some classmates posts and i respond to people that comment on mine. I participate sometimes. i can improve on comments. Above are the links to my other posts.

3 thoughts on “assignment 6 :)”

  1. Thank you!
    Ok, so far so good on this post – but hmmm, I think a revision by adding more content will help seal the deal.
    I don’t see any embedded images, GIFs, Memes or videos? This is super important.
    This part is crucial, the mid-term post is supposed to be a full representation of all of the skills that you have learned with the ability to apply them all into one place.
    I hope this helps, let me know once it is updated by leaving a comment here, thank you so much! Take your time and keep in touch!

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