Assignment #3- To Meme or not to Meme


TO-DO List meme
Meme I made about CT 101. By: Kiara Gapour
Oprah Winfrey
Meme I made about CT 101. By: Kiara Gapour
Happy Minion meme
Meme I made about CT 101. By: Kiara Gapour

         Yes, memes are genuine forms of artistic expression that have an impact on society that extends well beyond the digital realm. They become ingrained in our awareness, assisting us in comprehending the world around us and becoming a part of our culture. Everyday life, as well as the people, become viable subject matter. Internet memes have joined the ranks of other types of art.  Social media outlets have evolved into our digital social clubs, it comes down to the fact that memes are recognized as Internet art. 




         Memes may be excellent or awful depending on the designer. Memes have the ability to make us smile, cry, and even draw our attention to important issues. We remember the excellent ones as if they were works of classical art, and we critique the bad ones if we believe they are of poor quality.   People already embrace them as if they were works of art, so we may as well accept that reality. Analyzing the profiles of other people who create comparable material reveals that the artists are definitely passionate about their craft and their following. Memes are expressive statements through visuals that can be about anything. It is a modern-day performance that expresses pleasure, pain, and all feelings in between. Memes are often beneficial to art since they are a modern artistic way of relating to others. 


Cracking Up Lol GIF
Cracking Up Lol GIF



         Memes are a fantastic method of communication since everyone knows that when it comes to commemorating, conveying emotions, and humiliating your peers, memes are unmatched. While social media is a communication medium, memes are a way of conveying a culturally relevant concept. A meme is a picture or video that expresses the ideas and feelings of a community of individuals. 


face happy sad miley cyrus GIF
Face happy sad miley cyrus GIF


        Memes are a type of self-expression that may also be utilized as a marketing technique and raise awareness of global concerns. People enjoy memes that express how they feel about things and encourage them to think about topics in new and exciting ways. Using social media to engage with consumers in innovative ways that resonate with your market and set you apart may benefit your organization. Memes are viral pictures or videos that may be controversial, critical, or funny, and they make entertainment and worldwide affairs more relatable in the present era. Through design aesthetics, such images aim to captivate the audience’s eye. 


Cardi B Meme GIF
Cardi B Meme GIF

Four gifs that are featured in my blog post are from the “Giphy” online tool.  I created a meme by using the “Make a Meme” online tool.


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  1. Good Work!
    I love the narrative and the examples that you have shared!
    A very effective selection of memes and GIF/memes are also present!
    Lets add a few hyperlinks for context to the statements that are being made – see how you can build upon that – and make more memes! Im hoping that everyone will make at least 3-5 to really have the contrasting experience of making memes! This can be done over time through out the semester too!
    Thank You!

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