Assignment 5

Hello class,

I’ve decided to make a website dedicated to my vision in life. I’ve curated a vision board in scrapbook style. I chose this because i like to stay motivated and on my path. I like to remind myself of what I’m doing and who I do it for.

 looking into the future

In my first my vision board basically says id like to be a nurse practitioner. I will graduate with my Bachelors this December in health sciences and with my BSN in 2024. I’d like to own a house in long island and own a BMW x6 competition car. I’d like to have 2 kids and be married. id like to stay kind and true to myself and my roots. I’d like to  be happy and mentally stable. To achieve all of this id have to work hard ofcourse. the rest you can read and use your imagination 🙂

You can access it here


 knowledge is power

Using was actually really fun. it gave me the option to use gifs, shapes, links just like this blog page. I like how this class uses me to use my creativity. I was compelled to create something personal to share a little more about myself.


 my vision board

second page loading.


4 thoughts on “Assignment 5”

  1. Very cool!
    I love the “vision board/ mood board” manifestation approach!
    Indeed, scrap books were the analog version we all grew up with, so cool to see how these transcend into digital illustrations, that are animated and mimic websites!
    This is a great exercise for sharing and expressing our desires, well done here!
    Thank you!

  2. Your looks really amazing and unique Precious. I like how you placed the stickers in the composition for your vision board, it says a lot about you and what you want for your future, organized and prepared.

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