Assignment #5 – Is This Reality?

For me, being alive means that working hard and earning money so that you can save and spend it on things that will help you and your family on the long run. Another reason of being alive is my love for the movies and cinematography by going to the movie theaters. No, I have not ever defined it beyond someone else’s interpretation.

Being Present

The creative potential of this assignment is to explore deep in our minds so that we can expand our imagination a little bit more and have more imaginative options on what we want to create.


I would like to express that I am very curious and excited to work on this interesting website that I never heard of. As for the awareness, I will post my experience in a blog post (which is this blog post) and on my social media.

curiosity cat

What I am passionate about is watching movies of my favorite type of genres which are horror, dystopian/futuristic type of movies like Inception, Tenet, and Interstellar.


I always wanted to express and share with the world that my love for the movies and cinematography is what brought me to the art side and being interested in creating anything digital.


I feel like what holds me back is that I don’t know how exactly to express that and before taking this class or this assignment, I didn’t know there was a website and an open space platform like to express myself.


My experience with the was really fun to explore and play around with. I am compelled to create something related to horror topics and movies.


What I created on my was a depiction of a horror and an illusion/dreamlike type of movie with clues or tips of a fake reality which can be really scary and that death is the only way out of the hologram.



7 thoughts on “Assignment #5 – Is This Reality?”

  1. Hi Luis. I too have been enjoying this class. It’s a bit trying at times, but it helps me to exercise my brain muscles. It has taken me to a whole new world that is very enjoyable. I’m not into horror, but it is something that entertains many of the youth these days. Your assignment is kool and imaginative. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of your creative skills!

  2. Good work on this!
    Your blogging / storytelling skills are on point and continue to grow!
    You have masterfully applied the art of the GIF and the Meme, and now you will expand to web designer!

    Nice work on the illustration! I love how you hyperlinked the image preview – but remember to remove the word “build” in front of the url as the builder is for the creator only – the public url should look like this –

    thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Professor. I’m just letting you know I fixed the url of my to the one without the build. I just had to publish it again and I rewatched the recording and it really helped me, and thank you again because I feel like these recordings really does help a lot.

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