Assignment #5

1. Concert You Want To Be Atconcert you want to be at

For this assignment I decided I wanted to do something fun and creative. I have had a little experience with photoshop apps and put it to work. I n the photo below you will see me on stage with Michael Jackson (I’m the guy in the blue shirt holding the guitar btw).

me and mj in concert

2. Create an Interactive Program

code interactive

Ive taken a bunch of coding courses before but honestly I never stayed committed to learning it. I understand coding can be a great way to find solutions to everyday problems but I feel like I need to improve my knowledge in certain coding languages before can complete this project.

2 thoughts on “Assignment #5”

  1. You are rocking it on stage!!!!! I would have confused you with Michael Jackson if you didn’t point it out. For coding, that is something I am actually planning to learn myself. I think it’s a cool tool to have.

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