Channeling My Inner Lawyer and Editor

Through DS106’s  Assignment Bank, I have found the two projects I will be attempting. The first being the writing prompt “Apocalypse Terms of Service”, and the second, a video prompt asking you to take scenes of a movie and adding songs “enhance” the scene(s). Although a bit nervous, I am not too worried about the Terms of Service, as some research will surely prepare me, however, the video editing and music incorporating will be hell of a challenge. But we’re doing it.


I chose this project because I have learned that I am constantly thinking about the world ending. I often dream about it too, not because I’m some psycho who wants the world to end or looks forward to such events, more so because I am always thinking of escape plans, how I would survive, and whether or not I would be leaving my family behind. Lets be real…

I hope to incorporate, in the Terms, parts of plans I have already come up with that I strongly believe will up my chances in actually surviving an apocalypse. But if I don’t manage, the only hint I will provide you with in order to survive an apocalypse, is a bank vault. What could posibly be more secure ?1Currently working on the last piece to my puzzle, how to crack a bank vault. Any ideas?

According to TermsFeed :

The “service” at hand, is in fact living during/after the apocalypse, thus, it is obvious that your only options here are to either die immediately or sign up for the challenge of surviving. It is that simple.

What is the purpose of an Apocalypse Terms of Service you might ask? To establish a law, and to limit liability. Limit Liability for who? Perhaps our government? Maybe God’s?  I suppose that in the case that it becomes “every man for themselves”, our very useful and empowering government can use the following terms. 

Read here: Terms of Service

In order to confidently say that I have mastered writing a Terms of Service for an Apocalypse would probably take me a life time, and perhaps the experience of actually surviving one. In terms of writing a Terms of Service for my website, for example, I would say at least 5 terms with consistent updates and revision. Given that this is not something I have ever wondered about or was interested in learning, knowing just the basics is satisfying enough. 


This project caught my attention because  I am very much interested in learning and getting comfortable with editing videos. In the future, I hope to be able to create filmed blogs, not only written ones. I will be using iMovie on my Mac to edit since it is a program that I already own and seems relatively easily to manage. Please hold…

Here it is: