Assignment#4 Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility


I really do enjoy the flexibility of this class, I really wish all classes were like this. Not only do I have fun but I get to really be creative, unlike my other classes. I also really enjoy telling stories or even creating something that makes people wonder. I had this idea and at first, I didn’t really know how to put it together, I wanted to create something that had a little bit of a different meaning for everyone. It took me a while because I had to draw it myself then put things together. 

It is not the best but I am hoping when I express myself I learn from it, even if its not the best. In this class, I don’t feel negatively judged about my ideas wherein other classes I do feel that way


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  1. This looks super cool!
    Thank you,
    Which assignment was it from the ds106 assignment bank?
    It would be helpful to have a screen shot and the link to the assignment details 🙂
    Can you add that and make an update when you can?
    thank you!

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