Assignment #5- Creativity, Immediacy and Intuition

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What is creativity? What is immediacy? What is intuition? Creativity involves your imagination and your ability to make or do something original. Immediacy is the sense or quality of being directly involved. Intuition is the capacity to understand something right away without having to think about it. These three things added makeup the act of bringing fresh and inventive ideas to life by thought, realization, and production.

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As I am sitting here all I can feel is static. A tingly sensation throughout my body. At the same time my brain feels numb. I am a cog in a the machine. For the past week I have been regurgitating information onto a sheet of paper. And the week before then I was overloading myself with information. Everything I know has no substance.

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I was inspired to create something that shows how uncreative I feel.  My body wants to run but my mind is sterile.  I feel like a computer that is stuck on a reload. A computer gives you access to all the information you could ever need but it’s practically  pointless without internet. I have potential to know so much but that knowledge is useless without any real comprehension or understanding. I want to be able to flow freely but I feel restricted by school standards. My work can be found here. 

I found the to be very user friendly. I liked all the tools it had and how easy it was to use and access them. I got the gist of it very quickly unlike photopea which had an overwhelming amount of tools to use and navigate. I only used three images which I found on Pixabay. The rest are stickers I found on the

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  1. mmm has so many creative potentials, a lot of people are learning about it now and using it for many different purposes – even assignments for writing and or just organizing thoughts and links or setting up a photo gallery!

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