Assignment #5 – Digital Art & Creative Immediacy

Hello CT101 class:

Creativity is defined as the proclivity to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in problem-solving, communication with others, and entertainment for ourselves and others. Allows us to create our own information and share it with people that may appreciate our work and ideas.  We find that connection with things and combined them to create a perfect match of information and problems to overcome obstacles.


Immediacy is the ability to draw one into direct and immediate involvement with something, creating a sense of urgency or excitement. For me, current events in the world are the trends of things that are being used that make me excited to venture on. My habit is to follow the trends quickly or even get work done last minute it becomes an Immediacy for me to complete some tasks.


Intuition is a process that allows us to know something without using analytical reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our minds, as well as instinct and reason. I know what’s right or wrong so It is easy for me to decide on what to do in a situation.


My next step is to use I feel like I’m ready to create something because I feel fresh in the mind and in the moment or not let’s find out!!!

My first page uses Prof. Ryan Seslow’s created GIPHYs which is really cool!

THIS IS all of Prof. Ryans’s cool GIPHY

In order for me to create the content of my page, I needed to use the tool Pixabay. To use an image to create the background of the web page. My page includes Soundcloud which I use for my music, I embedded a Youtube video into my page, I provide a link to the page to visit the YT channel. A codepen link to some of the various coding languages displays a demo.  It was fun to work with the links of using Twitter and Instagram.

My 2nd page

My mind and heart of being creative are fulfilled but still more to improve on. Practice makes me better and using these new tools to help me be creative and express myself is tremendous!!!

Oh, btw I want to end this post on…

The order this goes in 



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