Assignment #6: Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!

Time flies as we hit the mid-semester of CT101, In this post, I will reflect on the things we covered in CT101 so far. It’s a small journey but however, but it’s been a pleasure learning so far.

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This class CT101 has been really the most enjoyable class for me this semester. I feel like I have learned many tools and mainly I enabled myself to express myself on the Internet. I never thought blogging was going was too fun, it always felt like a boring task however CT101 changed that perspective for me. It helped me become creative which I felt I never tried to enhance myself to try to be.

Please let me walk through each week of learning new tools and working with various assignments. The first week I worked on Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet? In this assignment, the task was to share media, images, and links to get my feet wet on content. I struggled with hyperlinks however I learned how to use them efficiently and became good at using them.

For the second-week Assignment #2 – Making our first GIF & GIF Post Narratives! I was very skeptical about creating GIFS at first but understanding the creativeness of editing and seeing the connection I was trying to make felt really enjoyable using the website “GIPHY“. Sharing GIFs and creating them for text writing felt really important because he allowed me to give out certain information.

For the third-week Assignment #3 – Memes? Art? I was able to story tell using Memes let me be honest at first I felt weird because of my opinions on Memes as a whole of it not being considered “Art” however understanding the new ways of communication through image and text can be more comfortable using them now.  In this assignment, I was introduced to the websites Imgur and Make A Meme these sites played a huge part in for me to create Memes for my blog.

The fourth-week Assignment #4 – Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility this assignment was probably the longest to complete. Working with the DS106 Assignment Bank to pick two projects, for me I did the code assignments and wanted to learn Design Assignments specifically the Sports Poster.  For this assignment, I worked step by step process and showed off my code for the end result. I was able to create a small math guessing game for the Make A Simple Program”.

For the fifth-week Assignment #5 – Digital Art & Creative Immediacy this assignment is very recent, we had to style and work on defining the meanings of Creativity + Intuition + Immediacy =… I had to really think a lot about what to do this assignment tested my imagination. Being able to create a webpage and design it was very fun. The main source of doing this assignment was using the mmm. page on the web browser which was really helpful. I got to use and learn how to create a webpage design with links to other websites. Linking videos on the page and showing the features of tab buttons.

I feel like my performance so far is up to mark and getting feedback from Prof.Ryan after my completion of every assignment. Getting the heads up on the content!!!

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Before CT101 I have never worked with creating Memes and GIPHY almost everything is new to me as far as the creation of the contents!!!

At this point, I feel like I have improved on creativity and created different content information. I try to not use similar GIFs and Memes very often it’s basically the requirement that composes all of my blogs.

As of the midpoint of the semester, I feel like all of my assignments are complete so far, I have been interacting with my classmate’s posts and reading their post to better mine.  I have edited all of my posts so far according to the wonderful feedback from Prof.Ryan.  Interacting with classmates has been an important aspect and pivotal for this class because we do need to learn from each other and guide one another.


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  1. Forward we go!
    Thanks so much for the good work on this!
    I like how you broke assignments and responses down – perhaps you will plug in some gifs in between each assignment recap?
    Also, no need to hyperlink ct101 each time it is mentioned in the post, once or twice is plenty for context 🙂

    1. Hello, Prof. Sorry for the late response, I appreciate the feedback that I received for this assignment post, I have now edited the GIFs for the portions and removed the hyperlinks for CT101. Thank you and have a great week!!!

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