Assignment #5- Digital Art Making Immediacy

I was inspired to create a page where I could share all my memories from my trips to Mexico since I went there for winter break and summer of this year. I love taking photos of the landscape, sunsets, sunrises and family. Although it’s with a simple Canon camera the moment of when I took the photo will always stay with me. My is very colorful and shows what I like to do when I’m in Mexico for vacation. 

A glimpse to my

It was difficult to get working on my laptop so the first week I was working with it on my phone which was even more challenging. But I got help from Professor Seslow and finally could open the page on my laptop. It was then pretty easy to add photos but sometimes it would take forever to upload which frustrated me since I wanted to keep adding photos and editing them. But the page was easy to manage and learning how to use was also easy. Overall liked the tools the website provided and I am really excited to have finally create my page in the website. Hopefully I get some good feedback!

I liked that the background was one single color because that would make my photos stand out more. I would have liked to put in more photos but it was limited. I also added two gifs from GIPHY which I think was a good idea because it would attract attention from the viewers.

4 thoughts on “Assignment #5- Digital Art Making Immediacy”

  1. This looks great!
    I love the red background and how it brings the images and gifs forward!
    mmm takes a lil practice but once you get the hang of it, as you did, its super fun to work with!
    You can keep adding images and memories over time and build a digital log / diary if you wish too!
    Thank you, great work on this!

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