Assignment 5- Digital Storytelling Projects

Assignment 5-digital storytelling projects

Canva application

The first assignment I chose was one that came from the DS106 assignment bank I picked this specific one because I do have a clothing brand and wanted to pick an assignment that had something to do with design.

Step one- I went to Canva which gives you access to many different templates and lets you be creative in the things you’ll create


the next step was to select a template and pictures that aligned with what I wanted to create.
Step 3: I played around with the fonts so I could decide how I wanted to place everything and how I wanted it to look.
And here is the finalll…
finished vogue magazine template
Doing assignments like these helps us not only experiment with new things but it helps us learn new skills we may need in the future. And because most of these projects are explained very well it doesn’t take doing too many of these to learn something that we can use even for school projects.
Next I did the daily create project.
This project involved writing a letter to a planet and writing a space journal Log about the planet
The name I chose is Saomia and here is the Log I wrote
It’s day 345 on this planet, but who’s counting
The people here are peaceful and actually work in harmony.
Which was weird at first because America is nothing like that. But now it’s starting to rub off on me. I actually say Good Morning to people when I leave my cube. Yea I said Cube they are so much better than apartments and more spacious also. And the water here is yellow which threw me off at first but over time I was able to get used to it and it tastes better than spring water.
This is where Im signing off, if I gave out all the information you wouldn’t come back for the rest of my letters.
Signing off…
The good thing about these assignments is that we learn of so many more internet tools that we didnt think existed like  a planet generator. I believe many people should do like one of these a month to learn something new

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  1. Excellent!
    Great work on this and 2 great selections of projects. I love how you connected the project search to match your interests in fashion and your clothing brand!
    Great to see the use of Canva as well, its another great tool that has so much use value and creative potential!
    Thank you!

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