Assignment 7- Mid-summer re-cap

Mid-semester re-cap

I think I’m doing alright in CT101. Honestly, it’s been hard for me to stay on top of all the assignments, I’m not the most tech-savvy.

Because of CT101 I’ve learned about many internet tools such as daily create or Giphy. Ones that I can use out of class even. Before taking this class I didn’t have many things I could use for designing and helping me with my brand. But now I know about photopea and so many more.

I Honestly think right now I deserve like a C because I didn’t really turn in my assignments on time and I also haven’t been complimenting on my classmates’ posts and I need to take accountability for what I haven’t been doing.

As for my creativity expanding  I can’t speak on it because I just did my assignments. The only one Im missing is Assignment 6 now. I also can’t really list my other assignments because I just did them.

But now that I know how fun and easy they are I will be better prepared if we have another assignment like this.

I also don’t really participate much in class because we don’t really have that many kids that come to class and most people say what I have wanted to say.

But from now on in order to improve my grade I will keep up with my assignments by making reminders for them. So that I can actually see improvements in my work and not have to wait until the last minute.

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3 thoughts on “Assignment 7- Mid-summer re-cap”

  1. Thank you!
    Good work on this! Nice to see all of your posts flooding in one after the other!
    There are so many tools out there on the web that we can use and integrate into our learning experience and build on top of, ct101 gives us a hint and a peek into what can be, so much creative potential for how this can be applied to business, self expression, creativity and so much more!
    Thank you!
    Forward forward!

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