Assignment #5 – Floating in Space is an amazing tool.

My experience using this website was great. It is simple and easy to express your ideas digitally.

I used my favorite tool, GIPHY for stickers and for gifs. I do wish that the website would allow gifs to move as it would bring another dimension to my page. Maybe there is a way to do so, I just couldn’t figure it out.

I was completed to create how I am currently feeling. Sometimes you can’t put into words how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way but you can express it. That’s what I was able to do with the and I am happy with the results. I hope you enjoy it.

Relaxing Sunday Afternoon GIF by Spider-Man
How I’m feeling right now. Is anybody excited about the new spiderman movie?


5 thoughts on “Assignment #5 – Floating in Space”

  1. Good work here!
    I like your mmm pages and agree, having GIFs there would be good!
    (I would also suggest that you hyperlink to the home page as you are referring to it here in your post) supports GIFs 100%, so I would troubleshoot what went wrong when you tried to add the the GIFs? You can always share this info during our zoom classes as that is where do quiet a bit of this stuff once the lecture portion is over.
    Thank you!

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