Assignment#11 by Sajani Sufian

Hello Class! I posted a NEW POST  on my purple website! Check it out & do not forget to leave your thoughts there!

All of you are doing amazing work on your websites! Let me share my thoughts on some of your works!

I loved the formatting and color of Nader’s website. The moment I reached his website, the color made me want to explore his site.

I like how he has posted his name in a logo centered on the top. Also, his photography content is amazing!

Then, I visited Victor’s website. I like the way he has set up his menu navigation centering on the home page. As of now, I do not see any content posted by him on his website. But I cannot wait to see what his site is about!

I shared a public post that I found on my Facebook news feed under my “Favorite Quotes” menu navigation. I embedded the particular post directly from Facebook using the code. I also hyperlinked the page on my website. I do not want to add my social media as a specific menu on my website. None of my social media accounts are public, all of them are private. So, even if I share the feeds on a category on my website, I am not sure if it’ll be posted on my website.



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