Assignment #5: :D

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I define being alive as someone who is thriving. Whether it’s just pushing yourself to drink more water, or taking yourself out on a date, being alive is being able to push your limits.

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 I thought being financially stable and being able to afford your wants and needs is what makes us alive, which is still somewhat true, but I feel as if making this our top priority comes from family influences.

I understand where they are coming from since they just want to give us a future that they didn’t get to have, but it’s to the point where some people tend to lose themselves and forget to take care of themselves. Yes, you need money to get around places, but if it’s a job where, I’m completely miserable, i’m güd luv.

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Being alive is making each day have a purpose, even if it’s just getting out of bed c:

I’m very passionate about art.

 (that’s what gets me out of bed) 

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Anything that has to do with an artistic sense, I have much of a fondness for. 

Even if it was a math class, I always made my notes articulately where I can still make them my own, in terms of making my handwriting a certain way or drawing diagrams. 

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I’d say just the career path I’m taking is holding me back. Since I’m not an art major, anything I do isn’t for a grade anymore, it’s just a hobby, which is still okay but I still feel like it’s different showing it as an achievement than a hobby.

I’m inspired to express myself visually than verbally. I have a more challenging time expressing myself through words than through something I’ve made. I’m inspired to show others the world I see, even if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing at first glance; I hope I get to make something that isn’t usually seen as beautiful, b e a u t i f u l

I feel as if sometimes people think too seriously and say:

 “oh. it’s just a fork.” or “oh. it’s just a shadow.”

I hope to influence others to look outside the box and think deeply about how it makes them feel, whether through the composition, the lighting, or how things are placed. 

everything. has. a. meaning.

Working with the was really fun! At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing…

as per usssssual :D.

All I knew was I didn’t want to use anything that I didn’t construct myself. As I said earlier, I tried to describe myself without using words, so I combined things that I’ve made like my painting, drawing, and photographs. I made the pages in ways where there’s so much going on that you can’t fully grasp just like that, you have to actually take the time to analyze each one.

( hover over any of the pictures to see it together c:)

ty <3

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  1. Wow!
    Excellent work on this!!
    Really LOVE the’s that you made!
    You must make more!
    Keep going!
    Great work on this post as a whole too – your storytelling is on point!
    All criteria fulfilled and displaying skills learned, applied and stylized!
    Thank you!

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