Tick tock, Mid-Term Recap

Tick tock on the clock! Time is flying

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Now let’s review a few things from my CT101 Experience. They are in bullet point format because I learned that people like that. Is that true?

  • Currently, in CT101, I think I am doing well. When it started out in September, I was very interested, and fast forward to now, and I still am. This experience has been entertaining and wholesome, with a great teacher thus far.
  • In my years of being on the computer, I never took the time to understand key elements such as GIFs. Learning how easy it is to create a GIF stood out the most for me. It’s simple as jumping on Giphy and creating the unthinkable. This is creativity at its finest.
  • Since starting CT101, I’ve honed my writing skills and developed them even more. A saying in Jamaica says, “practice makes perfect.” This thought highlights the importance of constantly doing a task to ensure it’s perfected. Doing the weekly blogs allowed me to improve my research skills and ensure that I keep a good measure of worded content to graphical ones. This ensures the reader doesn’t get bored easily.
  • In the class, I believe my performance is good. I started posting blogs close to the “deadline” (before the new assignment was posted), and little by little, I did better in my head. Talking with my classmates and Prof Ryan made the experience even better. I was able to learn even more by following examples and being creative.
  • As I said above, I’m happy I learned how to make Gifs. It’s an awesome experience. Everyone should check out a tutorial here 
  • I think I am maintaining an A+. I respond to comments, try to publish blogs, update blog posts based on feedback, etc. #AplusforAkkeem

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  • Over time blog post after post, I’m getting to like the process even more. I can try new things and see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I keep things in drafts because two days after, I might change it up a bit. I’m starting to find my style and am happy about that.
  • Overall, up to this point, I have completed all the assignments. Here’s a rundown:
  • During class time, I contribute when I can. The discussions always become intriguing and thought-provoking, and I like that. Now, I want to get back on track with future assignments. My personal goal is to complete them as soon as they are posted.

Looking forward to an awesome 2nd leg of the semester!

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7 thoughts on “Tick tock, Mid-Term Recap”

  1. Great work on this! (As always!)
    Thank you so much for the detailed, thoughtful, insightful and stylized posts!
    You are a natural at storytelling / blogging and you will love the web design aspect of our next few classes!
    Love the link! That photo of me was from like 1925!! Haha – need to update!

  2. As usual Akeem, you have hit the ball out of the park. You are doing a great job, and I also feel you are maintaining an A+ average. Your work is insightful, stimulating, and humorous. See you in class!!!

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