Assignment #6: Digital Intimacy



We live in a digital age. Such is life. It’s true phones are the vessel that we seem to be reliant on. Walking down the street and seeing people looking at their phones. With the weather getting nice, people will be posting their vacation ventures, guaranteed. It even goes to the extent that personal individual emojis are made for each person on Apple devices. In the a recent update of them, it became available through iMessage. Here’s a link below on the process.

When it comes to the combination of Creativity, Immediacy, and Intuition that is a perplexing one. I would say that my preference is = Intuition + Creativity = Immediacy. I always tend to lean on my instinct, and use my spontaneous creativity ideas to bring the immediate product based on my effort.

Creativity is the ability to develop something naturally from oneself.
Intuition is the inner voice of the self to handle a situation in a determined way.
Immediacy is the utter moment in which presence and essence is born.

What does it mean to be alive? That’s a great question. Definitely subjective, yet all would have a similar theme. Mine is to be exercising your potential, breathing, and maximizing your involvement in your environment. Take this song as a light element of humor in that subject haha. But a great representation as the energy in the song instills thrill and raw euphoria I believe.

The phone, I advocate for more of an authentic and inclusive outlook on life. With a little less technology, and go for a walk or breathe the air by the river. Life’s natural elegance is to be admired through the human eye.
The metaphor that our devices being remote controls for planet is shocking pretty spot on.
When I explore these websites, Figma looks to be amazing! I’ll place something below with a visual representation of the elements that make me feel alive, if I am to understand this part correctly. To create a artistic piece of sorts takes me back to my days at the Brooklyn Museum. I made great pieces on a canvas and clay sculptures in abundance.
I did make a honest attempt at the other site, however setting up an account proved to be an obstacle. Yet I liked that you were able to edit the front page interface as I’ll show you below. Very unusual for a site to tease you with a trial, yet it’s very inviting. The common edit tool side bar has various options, but the tone I got from the site was too restrictive.
For a site on personalization, it’s interactive, I gotta say. The chaos monkey option was wild in and of itself. Plenty of customization, just didn’t fancy it. If I incorporated my images onto this website, maybe it would have been abstract and nice, but it wasn’t a match for my vision.
Here it is… might need development granted.
I haven’t talked about it in other posts. But the added element is my faith. I had my communion and being in and around the church is a staple in my life. Along side my favorite soccer team, friends, family, playing soccer, and fishing.
It was a great experience, I prefer it more to the and was glad about the process to compile everything into a mural that represents me well. I wanted to add an element or two that I haven’t discussed yet and they all add up to the major parts that make me feel alive. Had an issue with the  formatting on one photo, it threw the alignment all off of the main piece. Otherwise it was smooth. I realized I had an account from my time at LaGuardia Community College, but took a brief time to familiarize myself with the format, etc. Some GIF’s and photos couldn’t be converted onto the platform with was a setback, but regardless I’m proud of the result.
The journey or the destination is the question. I know which I would like. How about y’all?

4 thoughts on “Assignment #6: Digital Intimacy”

  1. Great work on this!
    Did you also try It would be great to see a comparison here!
    Hyperlinks? We always need more hyperlinks! Let’s get that updated please – you can easily hyperlink to or as those things are already asked of you to work with and explore 🙂
    The link that you shared for your figma project is not a public link, you can update that (I shared it in my video from Thursdays class) Keep going!
    I love your written descriptions and verbiage sharing your sentiments! More please!

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