Assignment #6 Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!

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The things that I’m doing in CT101 vary a lot, from making blog post, making websites with pictures to give them meaning to each of the pages, using gifts to our blog post, to commenting in other peoples blog post. The skills that I have developed are creating web pages and how to make them look great for those who visit my work, the use of gif in blog post and how I can use them to represent an idea or feeling. Each week I use those skills learned the week before so I do not loose or become rusty using those skills, I asses my performance by through acknowledging what I being ask and what do I need to do in order to my Blog post in the right way.

I think that I’m doing decent to great on CT101, since I been doing most of my work on time and commenting for a decent amount of time, I have 5 Blog post at the moment with  Things that I like to do in the internet(Assignment #1), How can we use gifs to communicate feelings or emotions?, Assignment #3 are memes art?, Assignment #4 digital story telling., ASSIGNMENT #5 and my current assignment that I’m not capable of Linking because it has not being publish(which is this one), what I have learned and restrain the most is the use of Gif as a story telling, since is one of the skills that I think I’m going to use the most in the future, the new skill that I have developed weekly is to use images and memes as a way of story telling device, something that I know that I didn’t knew before entering the class its to create web pages on the internet using images and words to describe the page and it’s own meaning.

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When it comes to my weekly bloging I feel kind of stuck, since I have not made any change to them or to my writing style, the way that I think that I could change my blog post style is by adding gifts and images which is one the things that I use the least, since I barely use images to do essays paragraph in other classes, at the moment I’m not missing any other Assignment, and YES I’m commenting on peoples work but I do think that I could be commenting more often, when I’m in class and I have a question I always try ask to my Professor.


3 thoughts on “Assignment #6 Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!”

  1. Looking good!
    You are doing great work this semester and there is so much more to come!
    Self reflections are so helpful to see how we have grown and also to see what we need to work on more. Its all about practice 🙂
    Thanks so much!

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