CREATIVITY has many definitions because it can be different for each person. For me it’s about finding something inside of yourself. It’s about taking a chance and finding if your originality can work with the world.

Immediacy is a word I had never heard before or maybe I forgot about it. After reading the definition I see it as a state of mind of doing things at this moment and not waiting for the right moment but of taking charge at this exact instance.

Intuition is all about knowing. That’s it, at least for me. When you’re in an important situation you use your intuition to try and get the best outcome for yourself.

If I were to rank them I would say your intuition goes first because you need to trust yourself first to do something. After deciding what’s best for you, you use your creativity to come up with cool and original ideas to display your imagination. Then immediacy goes third because you need to have your work, ideas or etc. done and shown in the moment.

Being ALIVE is something amazing to me because everyday I can wake up and have a chance to do something new and am able to experience the motions of existing. Even if I had one bad day being alive allows for a fresh start every new day.

I have never been crazy creative because I was never given a chance to explore on my own I was always told to follow a set outline. But all these assignments allow me to use gifs and memes to communicate better and use them in a creative manner. is such a cool idea and allows all its user to have creative freedom in their design. I have never seen such a place where I have total control in the layout unless I’m paying. When I first started it looked like this…⬇️

I only am creating one page called juancarlos for now because I am running out of my creativity juice. I wanted to do mine about my interest about what I watch, listen or do on the daily. This way it will allow for my classmates and professor get to know me better even if we’re online. At first it was a little confusing but it’s all about practicing more and more on it. It might not be the best but I know with time I will improve.





4 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT #5- CREATIVITY”

  1. Great work on this!
    This is another great example of your weekly progress and overall expression with the course materials and tools!
    Nice job on those pieces! Thank you for linking to them! Just remember to remove the word “build” from the mmm link as the build version is the editing version only the signed in user can see 🙂

    So for example – if you share this link – – only you can see if you are logged in to mmm – but if you share it like this – it is live for all on the internet

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