Assignment 6 – Mid semester recap

So… Its time to reflect on everything so far this semester…

Right now, I think I am doing just alright in this class. I am a bit behind on my blog posts and struggling a bit with procrastination. I am going to use this break to be up to date-with what we are doing in class. So far, however, I do feel that I am learning new things. One thing is different Writing styles in blogging. For instance, for Assignment 4, my style of writing was more on the informative side than in previous weeks.

Also, I feel more well-equipped to understand different storytelling tools and how to use them fully. We learned in class how to make our own animated gifs, of course, but it is not only that, I appreciate the opportunities we have to venture out into new tasks, like the mmm. page assignment.

Now, what grade do I think I’m maintaining in this class?…

I am actually not quite sure. Right now, I am missing one assignment before this assignment, the mmm. Page assignment (I’m currently working on it), and assignments 7 and 8. Based on the posts I have published and am working on, I see my blogging expanding in terms of writing style. I will say I can definitely work on proofreading my blogs before posting them. That is the feedback I received. And I went back to look at my work and realized it was rough draft material.

I do comment on my classmate’s posts, but I should comment more frequently. I know this is a hybrid class, but I mostly view classes on zoom. I will definitely attend class in person more often to be able to participate in our lessons. I think that will keep me more up-to-date with my posts.

Reflecting on my reflection, I do see that I have some work to do, and I look forward to getting it done.

4 thoughts on “Assignment 6 – Mid semester recap”

  1. Hi Fancesca, I feel you on the being behind. No matter how hard I try it’s like I’m always a blog post or 2 behind. I consider our professor being as understanding as he is, a blessing because my anxiety would be even worse if he wasn’t XD. But, I wish you luck in your efforts to catch up, I’m going to be doing the same today and over the break. Good Luck!!

  2. Excellent work!
    I have not a single fear and know that you will continue to produce great work!
    You got this!
    Forward we go!
    We learn through practice and contrast, we ask questions and take action, bit by bit, better we become!

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