Final Post

This is my final post. I have had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

This is the blog post I published on my website. I fist decorated my website with a logo before adding finishing touches –>

My website follows a black and white theme.
Overall I found it a bit difficult to figure out. I was just trying to use the default wordpress template until I realized I needed a plugin. So I downloaded the Custom Layouts Plugin.
This made it easier to customize my website.
This is some content on my website.

I wanted my website to have a bit if an informative feel. Concerning design and where to get things from.
 Thought I have had plenty of practice I want to get more familiar with WordPress and all of the different elements. In this class I have come a long way from never having posted a blog post to posting an official blog post. I am very grateful for the journey. Here is my previous work–>
Assignment #1
Assignment #5
And then there is this post. A final reflection. For this class I think I have gotten a B. For a portion of this class I was a bit behind on blog posts. But I did eventually get up to date. Concerning my website I honestly do not know what I will do with it. I am a little tempted to continue posting blogs on interior design. I will make sure to utilize all of the knowledge I have learned in this class.

Assignment-10 Blog Post

For my blog post I chose to write about maximalism.


A Guide To Maximalism.

Growing up my room was a mess. It made absolutely no sense. My room was essentially the definition of clutter. In a literal sense there was not trash everywhere. However, every piece of furniture had no business coexisting together. Picture two bunk beds, one metal and one wooden, facing each other. This accompanied by a dresser of a different finish of wood than the bunkbed. A toy chest of a different shade of wood than the dresser and the bed. And finally the top bunk of each bunkbed lined with folded clothes. I have since gotten a new room, thank God. The thing is growing up I did not think much of the design of things. This was the room I shared room with my sister. We were impartial to the design and our only complaint was, “Mom, can you use your own closet”. All of the clothes made our New York room seem even smaller. Other than that we were in perfect peace with our room…. until I discovered HGTV.

From then my goal was a new room. I got my sister on board and we both agreed a minimalist room with nothing in it but a bed, a dresser and a rug was ideal. We got rid of the bunk beds and it was a fairytale for a while our voices bounced off the wall and our echos made the room feel even more spacious than it was. Once the euphoria of getting rid of the bunkbeds subsided we realized our room was too empty. And in that moment we became maximalist. Maximalism just makes a place feel lived in and homey. I do not quite know how to define maximalism in words but I can show you.

The three main components of a maximalist space are texture color and layers. These three component do not have to all be present, but at least two have to be present.


Assignment 9 – Customization.

Going into customizing my website I knew that i wanted the color scheme to be black and white with dark green accents. I first went onto the dashboard –>

Clicked Customize… and got to editing. I first went to edit the header. My goal was a thin black header box with the website name and navigation links. Something like this–>
The header that word press has at the top of the page. I thought it would be simple but I could not figure it out so i watched a couple tutorials.
And decided to just let it be. I added a logo which was just a bed that went with the black and white theme.
I Also tried out a green background. But it did not flow so I stuck to the black and white theme.

Assignment – #8 –

This week we are registering our domain names. I first started by cicking the reclaim hosting link in the assignment #8 directory. It led me to this page –>


I then enetered a name I thought of in my previous post  and suprisingly it was availible.

I then continued to the signup process, entered my name, email adress, adress…etc

And registered my domain name.

I went to the Cpanel and clicked on wordpress…
I then clicked intall.

I changed the admin Information. Then finalized the intallation.

This is where I was taken –>

… and this is my website–>


Assignment 7 – Domain names!

Domain names….

Im using G0daddy to see if the names I come up with are availible.

And it turns out I did not come up with certain names because evey name I look up seems to already exist.

This made me think of a domain titled, where people can come and check if their ideas exist already or are infact orignal… the only thing is… it already exists.

Unless a different extension other than .com is used.
Moving on I decided to not use godaddy anymore because then we would be here forever.
I thought of this name because one thing i really enjoy is conversing with friends about movies we all watched. So for this website my idea was it would be a place where film lovers can join chats about diffrent movies they have watched and share their opinions on it. Does the domain name exist already? …
Another name I thought of was
Here the website will feature different interior design ideas. I thought of this because I recently saw a wooden waterfall island, with patterned wood and thought it would be cool if it were like a checkerboard wood island.
Honestly, this is where my ideas end right now.
Untill next time..

Assignment 6 – Mid semester recap

So… Its time to reflect on everything so far this semester…

Right now, I think I am doing just alright in this class. I am a bit behind on my blog posts and struggling a bit with procrastination. I am going to use this break to be up to date-with what we are doing in class. So far, however, I do feel that I am learning new things. One thing is different Writing styles in blogging. For instance, for Assignment 4, my style of writing was more on the informative side than in previous weeks.

Also, I feel more well-equipped to understand different storytelling tools and how to use them fully. We learned in class how to make our own animated gifs, of course, but it is not only that, I appreciate the opportunities we have to venture out into new tasks, like the mmm. page assignment.

Now, what grade do I think I’m maintaining in this class?…

I am actually not quite sure. Right now, I am missing one assignment before this assignment, the mmm. Page assignment (I’m currently working on it), and assignments 7 and 8. Based on the posts I have published and am working on, I see my blogging expanding in terms of writing style. I will say I can definitely work on proofreading my blogs before posting them. That is the feedback I received. And I went back to look at my work and realized it was rough draft material.

I do comment on my classmate’s posts, but I should comment more frequently. I know this is a hybrid class, but I mostly view classes on zoom. I will definitely attend class in person more often to be able to participate in our lessons. I think that will keep me more up-to-date with my posts.

Reflecting on my reflection, I do see that I have some work to do, and I look forward to getting it done.

Assignment 4 – visual Assignment

For this assignment I chose to look into the visual Assignments section of ds106 assignment directory.

The two assignments I chose were a gif assignment and an Adobe illustrate assignment.

Right off the back I knew that I could complete the Gif assignment, as this is something we have been working on in class. The assignment asked that I choose a clip from my favorite movie scene and turn it into a short animated Gif. Which would highlights the essence of the chosen scene.

The secound assignment which I was less confident I would be able to do asked that I use photoshop to create a clipping mask image. One that utilizes shdows to make it more realistic.

I was not too sure that I could complete this assignment being that I am not too familiar with photoshop. I had not used photosop beyond the object selection tool and resize image tools.

I found a tutorial on youtube detailing haow to use the the clipping mask tool.

After watchng the tutorial I realized that the assignment was actually easier than I imagined. The terminology just made sound slighly difficult.

I first dowloaded adobe illustrator  and created a new file–>

I found a picture of grass on google and added it to illustater by dragging it from my desk top.

I then opened a new page added text and the grass image.

selected the text only and bought it to the front.

Following this i selected the text and made it a compound shape.

I selected both the grasss and the text hit control + click and made them a clipping mask.

whcich combined the grass and text. I found an imageof dirts and sent it to the back layer. Object–> Arrange–> send backward.

next i ateempted to add adrop shadow in illustrator however it did not seem to work for me. So i transferred both the grass and the dirt as two seperate layers to photoshop and added the shadow.

click the text layer–>effects–>drop shadow.

This is the finished product–>

During this semester I think we should expore new  varrying projects like this more often. I think it is useful to gain a better grasp of different storytelling and design tools. After this project I feel a bit more tech savy. And I look foward to learning how to create things like this.



Assignment 1 – The Internet!

Personally I try my best to stay off of the internet *(I heard it boosts productivity). But I still find myself scrolling endlessly through the internet daily. If I had to choose the best part of the internet it would be google search engine. I REALLY LOVE GOOGLE!











You can find the answer to anything as it pops into your head. It is like a personal genius at your side constantly. This past week I saw an article  about how humans were evolving in the age of cellphones. I could not locate the exact article but it was also about peoples sculls changing because of cellphone use. I started wondering how evolution could even be possible. Because it contradicts some of the basic facts of life, you know. Like it is common knowledge that people are born with all of their ovaries… so how could the genetics of the the next generation remember to adjust to real world adversity and events if they already exist and can not change their genetic code because it already is what it is?







Like if you were in an escape room that you could only exit if you completed a sequence of tasks… but you did not know that you were in an escape room because you’ve never heard of an escape room… how could you be expected to know to complete the puzzle?  Thats how I was looking at it. I also saw another article about how researchers discovered the oldest star ever…. How could they know how old a star is?  I wondered.

So I looked to google. And it made me realize the internet kind of is productive. It promotes new thoughts and shows you new things. And new is great. Above that thinking is also fundamental. Without the internet, specifically google I would  be a tad bit uninformed. So I love google.


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