Assignment 7

The domain name I choose would be based on the website I have been wanting to start for my business. I have been running an event planning business part time for some time now but once I graduate from college next month, I plan on going full-time and booking with many clients for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, sweet 16’s etc… all types of events. My service is called Eventos Cinco Estrellas or Five Star Events. Some options can be 

On the website I would have different sections for services that people may want at different events such as waiters, bartenders, decorations, djs, catering etc… 

One of my favorite websites to use is Youtube. I catch myself using it the most as a form of entertainment. Whenever I am bored, I go on Youtube, before I eat, I make sure I find a good Youtube video and if I find something interesting or funny, I share the video with friends or family. Another website I catch myself a lot on is Amazon and that is because Amazon is probably where I order most of my things from when I decide to shop online. 

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  1. OK, so far so good!
    Lets populate this post with some images, hyperlinks and context to fuel the storytelling!
    There are many many examples here on CT101 of what this looks like – we can always edit and add to our posts!

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