Assignment 6

CT 101 has been an amazing and fun class and one of the best classes I have taken in the 4 years I have been at York College. Creative freedom and having an understanding and chill professor has been such a breather compared to the rest of my classes. Which makes it upsetting that I have not been able to keep up with this class and work on my assignments as much as I would have liked to. I thought I would be able to maintain being a full-time college student and working a full-time job but honestly, it’s been draining but there’s no excuse. But I do ensure that for every assignment I put 100% effort into it because that would be unfair to Professor Seslow who is taking time to show us different tools to tell a digital narrative.

Leading up to assignment #6 I have learned so many things such as how to create my own gifs and memes and using them to tell a story. How to use hyperlinks, how to take screenshots on the computer, how to make a story flow along using all these things. There are so many ways to tell a digital narrative through pictures, designs, recordings, videos, writing, animations etc… Being able to post gifs and other forms of media through hyperlinks, screenshots or uploads on a weekly basis so that my classmates can better understand the narrative I am trying to tell has been something that has stuck with me throughout. Another thing I have not been consistent with is commenting on other classmate’s posts, but I do receive feedback whenever I get them and work on updating my posts. I hope to continue using these skills and learn to use more digital tools to express myself and tell a story. 

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  1. You got this!
    Good work, I feel you, and forward we go, let me know if I can help as we wrap up the semester!
    There is plenty of time to get it all done, and done well! Im here.

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