Assignment #7


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I did not have five potential names for my website. One of the things that I  knew is that I wanted my domain name to be my actual name it growing up.

I was often embarrassed because I had a unique name, but as I  left elementary and middle school, I started to embrace the uniqueness of my name. You can’t find it in the baby name dictionary and I became okay with that.

When I was actually on Instagram, my user name was franceluce_

I see my name as a statement within itself. It also it always strikes up conversation about where I’m from and how did my parents it come up with it!  My website will be all things Franceluce .

I don’t know exactly what those things are yet, but I am willing to explore and talk about my different struggles and accomplishments and speaking my truth. I hope whatever I post would resonate with y’all!

Be Safe, Be great y’all

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